Two Arab teenage girls stab guard at Ramla mall
Eli Senyor, Gilad Morag
Published: 04.02.16, 11:14
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1. families of terror/occupation fighters
morty   (02.04.16)
families of such fighters are the keys. they are the ones that young girls to hardened veterans care about. Families are the keys. netanyahu and the prosecutors will not target them. as for israeli security- One of you, draw your gun BEFORE you ask for id.
2. why does someone bring kitchen knives?
Berk ,   Amsterdam   (02.04.16)
there is just one explanation.
3. Their mother's milk or educated still in her womb?
Juliana   (02.04.16)
4. thank you smooth shmoozer do-nothing Booboo
Rani   (02.05.16)
The Boobooists and the Billionaires remain impervious to the slaughters. And the people of Israel are too stupid to do anything about it, apparently. O, well, morons and imbeciles, what can you do?
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