Arab MKs meet with families of terrorists
Ynet reporters
Published: 04.02.16, 21:03
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1. Why allow these treacherous Arab MKs to stay in Israel?
Chaim ,   Israel   (02.04.16)
These treacherous Arab MKs are yet another example of blatant enemies the Israeli government refuses to treat as enemies. Why are they allowed to stay in Israel? Why are they not being tried for treason? The only logical reason is because Bibi, and his government, lack the guts to do the obvious right thing.
2. Throw them out
Dan   (02.04.16)
Anyone who regards terrorists as 'martyrs' is declaring the murder of Jews and the destruction of Israel to be noble causes. They are thus racists, inciters of violence and traitors, and are not be entitled to be MPs.
3. The Hatred Spreads
Zola   (02.05.16)
The spread of Hatreds is accelerated by Zoabi and others and they ought be no only arrested on treason but on supporting war crimes and crimes against humanity by trying to provoke in steps an Armegeddon .
4. weinstein and the high court endorsed such behaviour
frank   (02.05.16)
how many times was the high court petitioned to sanction zoabi and her mk buddies for traiterous conduct against the state that caused blood to be spilled. and how many times did weinstein and the high court just give them small taps on the wrist essentially waiving it off as protected free speech. this is ridiculous. its like having mks himmler and ribbentrop visit nazi famiies to console them in their incineration of jews and to endorse their childrens behaviiour. the conduct of zoabi in particular is such that she should be given the death penalty for the turkish marmora, and now this. weinstein can enjoy his private life now while his legacy has encouraged terror. and the high court is almost a joke with an 18 month sentence to an expm that they know the average joe would get 10 years for. the israeli state is in danger by such actions of the high court. zoabi belongs in jail, nothing else, no more excuses.and the other 2 mls should be severely sanctionned as well. what a rotten and gutess set of judges does israeli ever have.
mickey   (02.05.16)
this is a final chance for the court to get it right in charging and convicting the trio of terror who abuse israeli citizenship. the israeli people's tolerance only can go so far in allowing free speech to be used to kill their own.
6. Something Smells Like TRAIF
7. A Good and timely question, Chaim..
JB ,   Israel   (02.05.16)
The better Israel is treating the so-called Palestinians, the more they hate Israel and demand more..Palestinians are not ready to accept the 3000 years old sovereign Jewish State, despite the tremendous aid,the Jewish State is providing Palestinians with, including water,fuel,food,medications,hospitalization, etc.,etc., And still, they are filled with hate and endless attempts to murder our innocent civilians, such as children,women, elderly,etc.... Zoabi is one of the most vicious enemies to the Jewish State...What is holding back the Knesset to through out the "tresh"...
8. They are traitors
Rozie   (02.05.16)
whose aim is to destroy Israel. They should not be allowed to serve in Knesset because they are not representing the Israeli Arab sector. They are representing Hamas, Hezbollah and the PA. The world does not understand that the Arabs are less than 20% of the Israeli citizens. They study in Israeli Universities, work for the gov't, manage hospitals and other businesses. They have wonderful lives. 50% of the medical students in Haddasah Medical School are Arabs, 60% are nurses and maybe 70% are pharmacists. They have wonderful lives. Using propaganda to destroy Israel. A disgrace.
9. terrorism no? supporting terror yes?
Larry ,   LA (formerly)   (02.05.16)
So it is wrong to be a terrorist, but to give support to terrorism is OK?
10. No other government would allow this..
Beary White ,   Norway   (02.05.16)
... and let members of elected society of state collaborate with the enemy, which has the only goal to destroy the country, Kick out those muslims ass'es. they do not deserve to warm their buttocks in the chairs of Knesset.
11. 1 Chaim
C   (02.05.16)
they are israeli citizens, unfortunately. therefore, they cannot be thrown out unless there is proof of espionage. there are no laws which make it a crime to visit families of terrorists. the laws must be changed.
12. we must chose. strong democracy. or weimar republic. which
ralph   (02.05.16)
13. #1 and #11
Beary White ,   Norway   (02.06.16)
Then the houses/apartments of the terror-families must be confiscated and sold to the highest bidder, and the money and other valuable belongings must be given to the victims.
14. 12 there is no comparison whatever
C   (02.06.16)
there is no comparison whatever between israel and germany at any time in history. germany is an old well established country which had started two world wars. both of those wars were wars of aggression.
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