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Push launched for Mizrahi heritage in schools
Tamar Travelsky Haddad
Published: 05.02.16, 23:51
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1. If the Nazis got to Iraq Massacres To and forced conversions
Zola   (02.06.16)
There was a Nazi coup in Iraq in1941 by the Grand Mufti El Husseini Followers who fled to Iraq from Mandatory Palestine -the Golden Square coup . The Farhud was launched months later as the Nazi coup failed in a retaliation with pogroms against the Jews 180 killed 1000 injured . There many Proto Nazi Arabs willing to Mass Murder Jews .
2. Europe is Despised by the Jews .
Zola   (02.06.16)
Europe and the UK are despised by Jews who have ready the history of the Shoah .When the Nazis captured the Channel Islands all Jews were handed over to the Gestapo .There were no Trials after the WW2 of the Channel English Collaborators .
4. Maybe we can get the Jewish goyim back to their Jewish roots
Reuven   (02.06.16)
5. And how about an education on Yemenite heritage and
Reuven   (02.06.16)
return the over 5,000 kidnapped Yemenite children by the Zionists back to their families and roots. That would be nice.
6. The same mistake
Jerome ,   AKL   (02.08.16)
"This doesn't sound strange to us, right? Now change 'Germany' to 'Morocco' – 'Come on, you want to Moroccanize Israel?' and the same response. It sounds funny to most of us. That is to say, our thinking that entire countries don't have high culture –" Does anyone realises that Morocco was a French colony under a French protectorat, French culture, French language? The same misconception and stereotyping continue to this day. The statement above proves the point.
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