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In France, it's dangerous to be a Jew
Itamar Eichner
Published: 08.02.16, 23:42
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1. "It is not my problem"say Frenchmen.Let'see what future of F
Alan ,   SA   (02.09.16)
2. Jews in France
Terrible that French Jews are fearful of being associated with ISrael. Wonder if the French Jews are as maltreated as Palestinians in Palestine and ISrael? Blessings. ISH.
3. Itamar, every article you write is the same. You not bored?
Ilan   (02.09.16)
There aint no place to run to .Israel also has its terror attacks. French jews must either stand and fight ,not being afraid to use violence against those who would do them harm ,or immigrate to Israel and learn to fight here. IT IS A CRUEL WORLD.
Baseball caps , shmaseball caps......jews stick out like a sore thumb ,even if they are wearing baseball caps...ESPECIALLY if they hide under baseball caps. Do they honestly believe those who would do them harm can not recognize them under their disguises?
BRUCE LEE ,   SAFED KUNG FU   (02.09.16)
Israel also has problems with violence against jews.
7. English
Gavin Susman ,   Weston   (02.09.16)
So many words/letters missing. You really should proof read this better.
8. "Paris is now more dangerous than Jerusalem"
C   (02.09.16)
the jewish state has a jewish army. the jewish state, tzahal, mossad, shabak, all intelligence services, the government of the jewish state, are essential to protect the entire jewish nation.
9. "eight black men jumped me"
C   (02.09.16)
eight black men jumped a young jewish boy and demanded his coat saying that all jews are rich. is ban ki-moon ashamed?! most certainly not.
10. Arabs to French Jewish 8th grader: "this is not your country
C   (02.09.16)
take off your scull cap." arabs have taken over france. the government and the police are impotent and indifferent.
11. French people: "this is not my problem"
C   (02.09.16)
the french say that arabs attacking jews is not their problem. the french had the same attitude during wwii. the french lost a lot during that war, including their honour.
12. "I am proud of my Judaism and I am willing to pay the price"
C   (02.09.16)
an 11th grade jewish student in france who said he would not take off his scull cap. may the most Holy One reward him.
13. Security
Roberto Brzostowski ,   Buenos Aires Argenti   (02.09.16)
Since 1992 with the bomb at the Israeli embassy and follow in 1994 with the destruction of the AMIA, all Jewish institutions live in the same way with own people who are guardians of the Jewish community
14. French Jewish children make up 50% of intake London schools
Michelle ,   Monte Carlo   (02.09.16)
now that says something considering there is a very large number of local jewish kids too.
15. French Jews moving in their thousands to London
Michelle ,   Monaco   (02.09.16)
16. It's dangerous to be a Jew in Israel
Tel Aviv Tom ,   USA   (02.09.16)
Look at all the stabbings. Let's be realistic. When Hamas launches missiles who are they targeting? Look at how many Americans are killed by Arabs extremist in Israel. Imagine if Obama publicly told all Americans to leave Israel?Could you imagine the reaction of Israel?
17. lol @ 3. Funny coz its true.
18. When HASN"T it been dangerous to be born Jewish?
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (02.11.16)
Best answer is that ALL Jews be schooled in fire arms and be at the ready locked and loaded for a mad, mad, mad, world. KEEP BUILDING !!!
19. France protecting Jews
ALLAN FELDHAMMER ,   Issaquah   (02.12.16)
The French did such a wonderful job in 1939, they couldn't protect themselves. 77 years later they are called Muslim fanatics instead of Nazi fanatics, so what's changed and how are they going to protect the Jews.
20. Dangerous to be a DEFENSELESS Jew
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (02.15.16)
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