Meni Naftali wins partial verdict in Netanyahu lawsuit
Telem Yahav
Published: 10.02.16, 19:38
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1. netanyahu fears
marcel   (02.10.16)
netanyahu was afriad to fire livni face to face, likewise lapid, he's afraid to invade gaza, he's afraid to take offensive action against iran so he begs the states to do i t for him. he's afraid of his wife-the judge ruled essentially he did not believe her in the house affair, and he's afraid of launching an action against hamas tunnels advocated by his friend liebler. this is a failed soldier-100%
2. She should not be allowed to accompany Bibi out of Israel.
Michael ,   California, USA   (02.10.16)
Anybody who ever saw her arriving in the US had to be disgusted with the arrogant presence. And from the news reports it was always clear she didn't belong among the visitors. She should be ordered to make personal reparations to the workers she abused! That would be fair and it would somewhat restore the image of Israeli PM office.
3. He could've left. There was no contract to stay on forever
Chaim ,   Israel   (02.10.16)
4. Shr does to workers what Bibi does to the country
Avi L.   (02.11.16)
5. Significant change
nibor ,   israel   (02.11.16)
The judge said the prime minister's treatment of his household's workers needs to set an example for the Jewish state. Maybe other employers will take up the hint and stop.abusing their employees and engaging in petty theft and bad, if illegal behavior that has been generally accepted in Israel.
6. sarah's shades
tomer ,   jerusalem   (02.11.16)
the verdict comes to no surprise . Mme. netanyahu's behaviour was known to those who had dealings with her. Those who experienced her in the PM's office,those who had to execute her special demands on overseas trips and those who worked for her. Its annother sad saga of our political "cokoo's-clan". Israels public office holders are a rare species ,sadly enough,one species we can do without. That our PM is not able to reign in his wife is annother very worrying sign . What actually is he capable of?.......
7. Meni Naftali wins partial verdict in Netanyahu lawsuit
FORTSEDEK: BE BRAVE ,   PARIS   (01.05.17)
Great Naftali! you did the Job for all the others who can now hope for more respect.
llegal behavior are generally accepted in Israel, you will also find false contracts into ISRAELl EMBASSY IN FRANCE . but the employees have also to face with a very bad lawyer, NO LEGAL RULES AND NO HUMANITY; IT IS TOO MUCH : consequently employees are not helped and are not respected by their superiors.
I am very afraid for ISRAEL when its embassies WIN against its employees and loose against the world: a so very dull strategy!
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