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'ISIS planning chemical attack against US'
Ronen Bergman
Published: 15.02.16, 21:20
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1. Obama's JV team is the Islamic State
C   (02.15.16)
there was no islamic state before obama became president. the islamic state first captured faluja. obama did nothing. obama did nothing when the islamic state captured tikrit and ramadi and large parts of anbar province. obama did nothing when the islamic state captured raqqa in syria or any other cities in syria. obama was too preoccupied with legitimising the shia terror state. obama is too preoccupied with israel. the europeans are following obama's lead. now, all of a sudden, all of them are sitting up and worrying about the islamic state. they are saying that members of the islamic state are educated--educated in the west! the united states under obama and the rest of the west is being defeated by a bunch of western educated jihadists. they use for the most part primitive methods of warfare. poison gas is over a hundred years old. these bunch of fanatics do not have an army but they are winning, at least for now. shame on obama, shame on the entire west.
2. Send a memo to b.H.o. So he Can
STUDY IT, real good!!!
3. Russia is not fighting the Islamic State
C   (02.15.16)
russia is fighting the syrian people. russia is helping assad commit genocide. putin will never do anything that is even remotely in the interests of the united states and the west. people like trump should keep this in mind.
4. Israel should do nothing for now
C   (02.15.16)
israel should only increase her defences and watch the borders. the jihadiists have only certain weapons at their disposal, but they can be very deadly: missiles, cyber attacks and poison gas. missiles are the most potent since they can kill civilians in large numbers. the arab palestinian issue is a small distraction for now despite the civilian casualties.
5. No evidence just paca paca.
Murray the K ,   Brooklyn, NY   (02.16.16)
Sad how a story can be published with no evidence for the main contention and no evidence for the supporting citations.
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