11% of terrorists in current wave of violence were women
Yossi Yehoshua
Published: 17.02.16, 01:24
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1. What goes around...come around
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (02.17.16)
We have repeated TIME and TIME and TIME again to those SMUG imbeciles in the PA who think that by condoning Palestinian Youth to murder Israeli Civilians it is ‘furthering the cause’ What they FAIL to tell Palestinians is It breaks down moral boundaries where violence becomes part of everyday life in PALESTINIAN SOCIETY What the PA don’t tell us Is the massive increase of INTER PALESTINIAN muggings and stabbings THAT IS GOING UNREPORTED Is the sheer contempt which more and more Palestinian youth show for ANY authority least of all the Palestinian Authority when what they need MOST OF ALL is moral guidance and a moral compass and firm leadership And the toxic interference of Israeli MKs who purport to speak for Palestinians yet NOT ACCOUNTABLE for their actions to the Palestinian people
2. With All Due Respect Ynet
These were not women, women dont commit atrocities like this? These are MONSTERS who just look like women.
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