Six Council for Higher Education members resign
Shahar Chai
Published: 21.02.16, 15:07
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1. Wild guess: the ones resigning are Lunatic Left, the new one
Rightist, right?!
2. ban it bennet,
falahlalala   (02.21.16)
learning should be baned by bennet in favour of something else,we dont deserve our minds yet.
4. In their mind only Radical Revisionist Leftists qualify
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (02.21.16)
5. Mr. Gilad Arditi's comment defines the current....
Jew-C ,   JewLandia (Israel)   (02.21.16)
prime minister and current government of the State of Israel. Here is how Mr. Arditi's quote would read if we adjusted it to refer to Israel. "In my opinion, the criticism misses the point, big time. The main problem in the State of Israel, both now and in the past, is that it is trying to micro-manage the (national) institutions and fails to realize its job is to run the system on the macro level. Many candidates are suitable for a macro-level type of role, even if they are not right wing politicians. We as citizens hope that the current shake up leads to a significant clarification of the government's place and role, so The State can have independence in management, while the government challenges them on the general policy level."
6. Bennet and Gideon Sar kol hakavot!
Ariel University is excellent, thanks to to Education Ministers for the support
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