A symbol for an entire generation of heroes
Reuven Rivlin
Published: 22.02.16, 17:51
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1. He Is At Rest
David H ,   Marietta Georgia   (02.23.16)
I am a physician. I was born 5 years after that war had ended. My father should have been killed in the Pacific, over Japan, but an atomic bomb kept him alive, and me live. Until recently, I thought that my distant relatives in Europe had all survived. I was wrong. Not all death tragic . It is sad, it is inevitable, and it should never come to children, but it does. Mr Willenberg survived. He lived, he was a witness to a horror which in my opinion is best forgotten, and now he is gone. Soon all of the witnesses will be gone. Along with the last of the Nazis. Along with the last of the liberators. And the world will go on. Perhaps not as it might have, but it will go on. My deepest condolences to his family. You were lucky to have had him for as long as you did. Treasure your memories. But the time is coming where we, the next generation, can turn our backs finally on the horror and the pain, and move on with our lives, and with our children's lives. We cannot forget the holocaust, but we can soon approach a time when our lives need not be dominated and crushed by it. As the last of our heroes goes, and the last of the evil ones go, it will be time for all of us, German, Jew, Israeli, to move into better times. We, the survivors deserve that. May the One who makes peace send peace unto all who mourn, and let us say, Amen.
2. there's nothing 'heroic' about surviving. It's all pure luck
3. That's why gov is cutting found for survivors
Avi L.   (02.27.16)
That's why gov is cutting found for survivors, right? A few hours of pathos are cheaper than paying i order for survivors to live decently, without having to beg. Anyhow the gov knows than sooner than later there won't be any survivors left and they'll be able to produce those empty speeches that make them self righteous as if they ever cared.
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