IDF chief orders soldiers to carry weapons while off duty
Yoav Zitun
Published: 22.02.16, 23:11
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1. Open Carry For Kol Yisrael.
ASTRONAUT ,   USA   (02.23.16)
2. better late than never
arieh   (02.23.16)
not just soldiers shouldpack off duty weapons. \if i am an ordinary israeli jew, \i would acquire a weapon of some type legally, a stun gun, a bibi gun, whatever it takes to counter a terror wielding knife or gun. better to live than to be dead following weinstein and stupid israeli regulations. the arabs say lets go stab and shoot jews- the jews must be ready to take them out, not follow some idealistic moral code which the relatives can recite over their dead bodies at funerals. waht a bunch of dumbbells!
3. What exactly is the purpose of carrying weapons if they're
not allowed to use it before being attacked?
4. Attention Israel
Pro Israel goyman   (02.23.16)
Give the Arab League, UN and world media 1 month notice that injured terrorists who attempt killing WILL NOT receive medical treatment. In a military conflict, the conditions are different, but in terrorist vs. civilian environment, no terrorist shall be attended to once injured unless suitable as a candidate for interrogation. Play tough Israel!!!
5. Great Idea
It would also make sence that All IDF travel in groups or at least sometime of buddy system. But how do ordinary citizens protect themselves? Is it easy to obtain a carry license?
6. ALL measures to prevent predictable
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (02.23.16)
death of soldiers need to be taken NOW.
7. Eu Wei Choi, FB, wel said
all soldiers, including reservists should be armed.
Respect to General Eisenkot for invoking this wise decision which will probably save lives. In an ideal and perfect world nobody would ever need to carry weapons ,but sadly we do not live in such a world. Again ,kudos to Eisenkot for this sensible decision .
9. the soldiers are there to protect the civilians
C   (02.24.16)
the civilians count on tzahal, be they on duty or off duty, to protect them. otherwise, the entire population would have to be armed.
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