Israel to transfer NIS 500 million in withheld taxes to Palestinians
Nahum Barnea
Published: 26.02.16, 09:06
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1. I'll never understand psychology of politics :
barbara ,   Haifa   (02.26.16)
Instead of punishing the Pali people, we are rewarding them for killing us.
2. Did I hear 'transfer' in the name of justice, peace ......
Kenwood Derby ,   Frostbite Falls, MN   (02.26.16)
Expel the threat and enforce the right of return of the genocidal mass murdering cannibalistic extortionists back to the homicidal Hamite Peninsula of their own name. That would be humane so you won't have to kill them the next time they can't control their homicidal impulses. Rak kak! And don't about 78% of the internationally mandated Jewish Homeland abrogated by Churchill and occupied by the exiled half breed Hashemite tyrant from the Hejaz. He and they must go. That is the root cause. ListentoSarah emeinu...send them away!
3. That's why he smiles like a fool that he is?! We can't get
a break with our politicians, can we? More of the same "confidence building measures" that have worked so wonderfully in the past , yes?
4. Because Arabs kill us to get daily bread they cannot afford?
5. The PA pays money to every terrorist
זה יביא לרצח ישראלים   (02.26.16)
Every family of a terrorist who murdered Israelis gets a lot of money from the PA. The money the gov of Israel decided to transfer to the PA will go to terrorists and will encourage more terror attacks against Israelis.
6. Follow the money: Kohlon-bibi dealing will bring you
to a killing these weekend.
7. stoopid or dumb?
Ari G. ,   Afula   (02.26.16)
Ab ass has not had democratic elections since he took over in 2009 for a 4 year term. All the moneys go first in his pockets, then his relatives, his Swiss account, then to his buddies, his cronies and payoffs to various criminal elements. What little is left isn't much to make a difference to the low life Arab slob on the street. So is this stoopid or just dumb?
8. Charity begins at home
Samuel ,   Israel   (02.26.16)
OK Help them then what? Will they be grateful? Will they wipe out all the hatred prescribed in the children text books? Are they going to stop broadcasting vengeful killing on their TV?
9. kahlon tries to placate aarabs with money
jerry   (02.26.16)
waht a weakling and foold.
10. more israelis will die because of kahlon
harry   (02.26.16)
biibi of course defers to john kerry. nothing more needs to be said. the sooner bibi is gone, the better. kahlon who like peretz is an ignoramus of the first order.many israelis will be casualties of kahlon;'s policies.
11. A large payoff for violence and crime.
Gabe ,   Canada   (02.26.16)
IRANIAN JEW ,   LA USA   (02.27.16)
13. It's never brought peace in the past, so do it again!
David ,   Hartford USA   (02.26.16)
The man is an idiot. With Iran PAYING for Arabs to attack Israelis, this clown willingly gives them more money to entice 'good' behavior, even though this has never worked in the past.
14. The definition of insanity.....
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (02.27.16)
Repeat the same behavior that gets the same results.... To murder Jews who released the $$. KEEP BUILDING !!
15. Anti laundering law
Avi L.   (02.27.16)
Based on money laundering and anti terror international laws all this cash should be frozen, like it has been done with Iran. No cash, no tunnels, no weapons, no missiles. Hamas will have to spend the money they can smuggle to feed they people, because if they won't they'll get killed by the hungry populace.
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