Hillary Clinton confidante reported Netanyahu’s ‘disparagement’
Published: 01.03.16, 10:47
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1. And Netanyahu was right, what's wrong with that?!
2. Sid Blumenthal is the father of...
Even_Balance ,   Beit Yehoshua   (03.01.16)
...Max Blumenthal - Israel & Jew-hater extrodinaire. If this is the best (or 'worst') gossip he could harvest and commit to email and send to Hillary C. then I think that his email says more about him trying to be significant with some rather insignificant information than it does about Netanyahu. He reminds me of a chatty 14 year old girl in pigtails that never quite made the cheer-leading squad or something. Seriously Sid, maybe you should try just plain openly obvious fabrications next time of the sort that your son is famous for, if you also want to start people talking about you. Go for it. The Arab states will love you for it. Don't worry about loss of credibility. Neither you or your son have any anyway, so there's nothing to lose there in any case.
Lammie Goodman ,   Ra'anana ISRAEL   (03.01.16)
Blumenthal is a terrible anti-semite. He can find nothing good to say about Israel or our leaders. He is as anti-Israel as Hamas!
4. So a friend of a guy who was waiting on Bibi's table...
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (03.01.16)
Is this what constitutes a news story? Worse, is this - third degree hearsay - what constitutes "intelligence" in the Clinton State Department? If so, it's no wonder her time at State was one disaster after another. And lest we forget, both the White House and the State Department were renowned for their disparagement of Netanyahu.
5. Blumenthal & son Max long time terrorist sympathizers
zalman ,   chicago   (03.01.16)
6. poor Hilary
Shira ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (03.01.16)
So sad! My heart bleeds for her! Maybe someone ought to buy Hilary a teddy bear to plop down onto her bed with her and let her cry her poor spoiled eyes out! Boo Hoo! Boo Hoo Hoo Hoo! Sob!
7. Clinton is a scourge to both America and Israel
Chaim ,   Israel   (03.01.16)
How could Bibi not disparage Clinton? She is a major scourge to both America and Israel? Both nations have suffered grievously from virtually everything she has done in her public life. Recent revelations show Clinton tried to foment "Palestinian" riots to embarrass Israel...
8. Netanyahu simply feeling what most Americans with a brain,
David ,   Haifa   (03.02.16)
a conscience and a level head on their shoulders know in their heart what progressive loonies on their death march will do if given latitude to do so.
9. blumenthal take on bibi re clinton
richard sherwin ,   herzliyah   (03.02.16)
how about comparing the attitude of bibi and the rest of israel towards both of obama's secretaries of state: clinton AND kerry.... seems to me she got off light even if israel bashing blumental's telling fact-- doubtful, but anyway out of context. seems a tame comment for someone consistently under attack by the Obama State Dpt for not thanking it for insults and condescension while abandoning form ME allies in favor of giving Mid East away to Putin and Khomeini.... and blaming israel for subsequent distrust of US State Dpt's leaders, intentions, and behavior.
10. sounds like a lie concocted by Blumenthal
C   (03.01.16)
the claim is that a person at the state department employs a person who works at aipac events. so allegedly the state department is spying on aipac. they use a head waiter to do the spying. this state department spy did not inform hillary herself but an outsider, sid blumenthal. obama had forbidden hillary from highering blumenthal at the state department. yet he acted as if he were a member of state. this e-mail is much more embarrassing to hillary than to anyone else.
11. Sid Blumenthal
New World Patriot ,   Chelsea, MI - USA   (03.02.16)
Sid Blumenthal was specifically barred from working at the State Department under Clinton. As such, use of the term "aide" is misleading.
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