Hebrew University peace event cancelled amid threats to Abbas aide
Alexander J. Apfel, TPS
Published: 01.03.16, 19:58
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1. "No past/no future" Shelah is living proof, that Jewish
genes are no guarantee of intelligence or national integrity.
2. And what were they going to waffle about ayway?
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (03.02.16)
This ephemeral thing called Peace? In what context? Where is the CONCRETE PLAN for Palestinian Statehood that all parties can buy into Its called the THIRD WAY First advocated by Palestinians in 1999 for a SINGLE CONTIGUOUS Palestine potentially larger than Lebanon created from an expanded Gaza formed from land exchanges of West Bank for parts of Negev and possible land purchases from Egyptian Sinai ONE border ONE State ONE People The GEOGRAPHY makes sense The HISTORY makes sense The STRATEGY makes sense The ECONOMICS makes sense Lets assemble the best minds from the West Bank, Gaza, Egypt, Israel and Jordan to come together and thrash out a framework for the THIRD WAY for what could be the best opportunity for Total Peace and Statehood we have in a lifetime
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