Terrorist duo stabs two soldiers; manhunt underway
Elisha Ben Kimon
Published: 02.03.16, 19:59
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1. Were the soldiers trained for guard duty?
David ,   Hartford USA   (03.02.16)
Their weapons were in the guard shack? Why weren't the soldiers holding their weapons? A gun does no good if it isn't being held by the soldiers. An unarmed soldier makes an inviting target. Get to the bottom of this immediately.
2. What stops missiles,suicide bombs? An overwhelming response
Sam ,   Canada   (03.02.16)
The response to the stabbings is not deterring further stabbings.Palestinians are not running to the UN or Arab League asking them to save them from Israeli retaliation.It shows that the Israeli response is not enough.
3. idf soldiers-draw your guns to your side when any arab appro
meir   (03.03.16)
idf at checkpoints and other areas are slow by fraction of a second bynot readyiing your guns to shoot in case. that is why aragbs are beating you to the punch with stabbings. you are too relaxed. never mind stupid rules. draw your guns and shoot any threateing attack. shoot first.
4. killing of 1or 2 terrorists
lucille   (03.03.16)
if yaalon thinks that killing 1 or 2 terrorists and calm for calm is doing anything to deter, it is not. idf and even shin bet thinnk they are at the brown derby eating smoked meat sandwhiches. \what the hell is wrong with you.carry your guns at all times and have them ready. jordan kills 7 isis and idf takes 2 months to kill 7 palestinians. this is an idf led by pacifists and lawyers worried about goldstone. and who is dying-innocent israeli civilians. \ok civilians, all of you, go out and get guns and forget about the idf and shin bet. set up your own defenses. if you don't know how, contact moishe feiglin. defend yourselves and quit crying.shoot anyone who threatens you.
5. bibi stands around without a clue
iraj   (03.03.16)
bibi has no idea on how to stop terror. the minimal responses of the idf and shin bet are pathetic. israeli civilians are taking on the chin though some of them are fighting back. \ok, forget about bibi and yaalon- they cannot help you. get guns and lots of the, get trained and start shooting at any sign of an attacker. order them to take off shirts or dresses from a distance and then you will see the weapon. shoot them if they don't drop the weapon. forgeet about the idf. israelis are suffering from passive sheep syndrome- the media and so many political figures prefer to be sheep led to the slaughter. arabs are killing jews and bibi is returning lands to them and bodies for burial. shoot to kill orders should be adopted by all israeli civiliians. moishe yaalon's conduct in handling terror is pathetic.
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