Snitches, sex, and blackmail: Hamas execution remains a mystery
Elior Levy
Published: 02.03.16, 23:55
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1. The Quassamites
Zola   (03.03.16)
The Quassamites and the Mufti El Husseinis became Nazi Colloboraters in their war against the Jews A True Humanitarian Policy is to offer refuge from Genocide to join the Fight against it no matter what . Evens the descendants of War criminals if they denounce the Crimes against Humanity cannot be persecuted in the International Humanitarian Consciousness .
2. validity of torture
Larry ,   LA (formerly)   (03.03.16)
Under torture, people will admit and confess to anything and everything. The torturers can then justify torture to their constituents since they have 'proved' that the subject was guilty.
3. Eshweti had two wives and three children
since almost everyone in gaza has several wives, the population explosion is explained by the importation of women to serve as part of a polygemous family.
4. Eshweti's cause of death is obvious: severe torture
c   (03.03.16)
the article makes it crystal clear that he was held by hamas gestapo for at least a year and that he was severely tortured. tortue is routinely practiced in the muslim world. sexual torture is also practiced.
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