Opinion  Guy Bechor
Meanwhile in Syria, the pseudo-ceasefire
Guy Bechor
Published: 03.03.16, 16:32
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1. Try Abbas for mass murder and destroy the P.A.
Chaim ,   Israel   (03.05.16)
Like usual, Bechor is on target, about the P.A. There should be no fake "diplomacy" with it. The P.A. are murderous terrorists. Its leader, Abbas, is the mastermind of the Munich Massacre and countless other massacres of Jews. Israel should try Abbas for mass murder, just like Eichmann. Destroy the P.A.
2. Spot on analysis...America is delusional as is Israel
Al   (03.04.16)
That delusional state has brought untold misery by way of the Oslo Accords, the Gaza disengagement and the refusal to once and for all vanquish the enemy. The current state of delusion is wrecking havoc in every day life for most Israelis. When you have no personal security you end up losing your country. Those who can up and leave those who can't. The delusional Haredim have a constant mantra of 'Hashem Hashem', their friend in the sky who was witness to Auschwitz and Treblinka. They refuse to protect themselves.Thats how insanely delusional they are. The uber insane left have pie in the sky delusions of peace with a sworn enemy. All in all Israel is living in an insane part of the world surrounded with barbarians both at its gate and within its own society..
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