Israeli envoy to Cairo dismayed over Egyptian MP's ouster
Liad Osmo
Published: 04.03.16, 14:31
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1. had nothing to do with Israel.
Koose E Mack ,   NY US   (03.04.16)
Okasha has a reputation for being a lying, ignorant, and corrupt Haramee. He lied about having a University Degree from The US and can hardly speak English. The guy is so stupid he couldn't even alphabetize M&M's. Every Egyptian I speak with tells me that this is an internal matter and has nothing whatsoever to do with Israeli-Egyptian relations. The Israeli ambassador needs to choose his invitations more carefully!!!!!!
2. shoes thrown?
Richard ,   Israel   (03.06.16)
1. i dont know if it was an in/ex/ternal matter that got the guy shoed. but 2. the egyptian religious and historical education, let alone political, for decades has made israel its enemy, and jews its reason for whatever failures happen 3. President Al-Sisi is the FIRST to even try to buck this tradition, changing text books for kids to include neutral views of israel, AND trying to get the religious imams/professors to stop their fundamentalist brotherhood interpretations of the koran in general and in particular re jews. 4. at best it'll take decades --if not generations-- before the products of this reform in education are old enough to show whether one can indeed change islamic attitudes even among the very limited number of elite who get exposed to them. 5. i doubt if the western hypocrites will give him this grace-period. yelling for democracy and ignoring contemporary muslim political methods wont help a bit. 6. here in israel we should be more understanding. after all we are presently experiencing the educational and media graduates of the PLO and Hamas, knives guns car-rammers and all. At least they only threw shoes not molotov cocktails or stones. alavai aleynu...
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