American tourist dead, 11 wounded in Jaffa terror attack
Ynet reporters
Published: 09.03.16, 00:07
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1. Start deporting terrorist families out of Israel.
Alex ,   New York, US   (03.08.16)
2. Start deporting those terrorist families out!
Alex ,   New York, US   (03.08.16)
3. Over 100 Arab terror attacks last week with 12 Jews injured
Juliana   (03.08.16)
and Ynet was silent. Typical left media silencing Arab terrorism and hiding their heads in the sand.
4. Prayers etc
Pro Israel gentile   (03.08.16)
Prayers to the God of Israel that all the injured receive miraculous healing. And that all the terrorist scum get what they worked so hard for; eternal existence in hell! They will be surprised to find their master there in never ending torment.
5. Continuing collective Pal attack.No collective response.
Sam ,   Canada   (03.08.16)
This is a Palestinian war against Jews. The leadership seems frightened to take collective measures against Arabs hoping the problem will just go away. It's not working so time for the Israeli leaders to take new measures. The Israeli population should push them because the leaders seem unwilling to take any steps.
6. This Story Is SICKING
First my condolences to all the victims and their families. The Israeli Government Must Take Drastic Measures Now not tomorrow by Restricting all arab movement from this epicenter of terror, this village is getting direction from some terrorist group either hamas or fatah (abu mazen) and his group!!! Please take action and stop this terror before it becomes a full fledge intafada!!!
7. Get rid of Palestine
8. The Arabs MUST go...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (03.09.16)
THAT is the ONLY solution...
9. Treat "Palestinians" as mortal foes they are!
Chaim ,   Israel   (03.09.16)
"Palestinians" do everything they possibly can to prove they are our mortal foes. Short of nuking us. Many "Palestinian" leaders have proudly announced they'd love to nuke us too! Yet Israel insanely refuses to treat "Palestinians" as the mortal foes they are. In fact, the Israeli government keeps terrorist fictional "Palestine" alive through the constant flow of Israeli food, money, electricity, work permits and other support. Israel keeps supporting "Palestinians", while "Palestinians" keep maiming and murdering Jews. How can any sane Israeli leader NOT understand the lunacy of this situation???? Treat "Palestinians" are the mortal foes they are!
10. USvictim,Taylor served US in Iraq&Afgh-now murdered in Israe
Alan ,   SA   (03.09.16)
To his dear family and friends sincerest condolences .May they all be comforted .I am very very sad and know all Israel and Jewish people will be likewise so sad . Its really time to do something-I dont know what the something is It is coincidental that a US gentile CITIZEN was murdered on day Biden came to town. I think the killer tracked Taylor and his group before murdering the US hero vet! How many JEWISH US CITIZENS have been murdered over the years and what did Obama do-zilch
11. How sad that we dare to mock the hapless Europeans! At least
they're clueless as to what they're dealing with. We on the other hand, should not be.
12. How could the president of the US push for peace?
DOV ,   USA   (03.09.16)
It's time to stop the bloodshed at any cost.
13. Was the tourist Jewish?
Zionist forever   (03.09.16)
The article fails to mention if the tourist was Jewish?
14. Lone Wolf Attacks
Christy ,   Boston, US   (03.09.16)
'Lone Wolf' (same term used in past attacks in US press) says to me the person attacked on own accord with no outside influence. But, the report details many similar attacks carried out by others.--- Haven't knife attacks been an on-going problem for quite a while? --- Sounds to me the attackers were influenced by the same source or group to all behave in such a similar manner. --- They don't sound like 'Lone Wolf' attacks.
15. Build another settlement in teh West Bank
naro ,   nyc   (03.09.16)
For every terror arttack, another settlement.
16. #3 Blame Left, blame sand, blame the media.Stupidity w/o end
Michael ,   California, USA   (03.09.16)
17. The American who was killed was not just another person. He
Rivkah   (03.09.16)
was a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York. He was one of America's finest. The killer is in hell, in the worst place in hell, the place for mass murderers.
18. above
moishe   (03.09.16)
people who are inciting these youth to commit stabbing acts that result in their own deaths and accomplish nothing should be sought out and punished.
19. Will VP Mr. Biden be taking the body home with him?
Jew-C ,   JewLandia (Israel)   (03.10.16)
After all this was no ordinary American citizen he was a West Point Graduate who had served in the defense of his nation. Really, I am asking this as a serious question because when Israel's citizens fall abroad they are brought home at government expense. Here we have an unusual case - the VP of the US is here - what provisions has he made for the return of this body? How has he assisted the injured girlfriend of this fallen US citizen? Has he visited her in hospital? Israelis pay close attention to this situation ... it will show you that what we expect and receive here is way above and beyond the standard in other countries.
20. Zionist forever: he was a human being of Christian descent
Jew-C ,   JewLandia (Israel)   (03.10.16)
and shame on you for being crass enough to have to ask! What's wrong with you?
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