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'This isn't a lone wolf intifada, it's a Hamas intifada'
Ariela Ringel Hoffman
Published: 13.03.16, 00:03
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1. Gosh, now we're squaring the circle! How many more lives are
to be lost before our elected ones will get serious & act accordingly?!
2. Hamas broadcasts are the signals to continue attacks
Deal with hamas and you deal with attacks.
3. Dont believe this article
Ted ,   Tel Aviv   (03.13.16)
Maybe there are those who are Hamas agents, and maybe there are those who are inspired by Hamas, but from my daily dose of the news here in Israel, the perpetrators are lone wolves who rarely belong to an organized ring. Expert? Phony!
4. sense
sumreen   (03.13.16)
is a sense it is not statistics or analysis or science
5. "lone wolf" is an oxymoron
C   (03.13.16)
they might act alone, but they act for reasons of political ideology, incited by the leadership of the hamas and fatah. the incitement comes from the classrooms, from the mosques, from the pa, hamas television stations. even if they apperently act alone, it can be assumed that orders are transmitted through social media or curriers.
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