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Chief Rabbi: Keep children away from secular family
Kobi Nachshoni
Published: 13.03.16, 22:45
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1. What is he scared of? Weakness?
robert ,   antwerp belgium   (03.21.16)
It shows how little confidence that orthodox people , except fo the Lubavitch, have in the education they give to their children. Or maybe he is just scared that secular youth might become religious....
2. 1Robert,Would you risk something
ORA ,   Jerusalem   (03.27.16)
you are not willing to lose? One can not expect from children to resist temptations
3. secular is religion inverted
HE IS RIGHT   (03.28.16)
Good advice secular has promoted false beliefs against God for too long And all you end up with is a lost generation ...with no goals except money .
4. Sad admission
Sidney ,   Bowie   (03.27.16)
It is a sad admission that his form of Judaism is so weak that it cannot stand exposure to any contrary ideas. Such a religion is worthless.
5. #2 ORA, absolute nonsense
Sidney ,   Bowie   (03.27.16)
Properly brought up children are taught to resist all kinds of temptation.
6. 2 Helene Fear splits and doesn't heal
robert ,   antwerp belgium   (03.28.16)
Education and convidence in religious education should be the proper mindset. It allows people like the Lubavitch and national religious to bring secular people, including children, into the fold of the Tora
7. chief rabbi on non-jews
tomer ,   jerusalem   (03.29.16)
"nicht-juden raus aus israel". This is the latest uttering of israels sephardic chief rabbi. What a fearful man? A racist, in the best nazi-fashion, stirs up an already shaky situation between non-jews and jews in israel. I am ashamed and angry. The state will have to deal with his statements and quickly. Separate state fom church issues. Limit and punish those statements . Its unbearable.
8. The Good Rabbi wants to keep Orhtodox Jews
Rich ,   Toronto, Canada   (03.31.16)
blind and ignorant of the truth. If they began to realize that Judaism is a man-made fantasy religion, many Orthodox will join the secular in the real world! Internet is the game changer.
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