British minister: BDS itself using apartheid methods
Eldad Beck
Published: 15.03.16, 18:47
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1. Gove should catch up
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (03.16.16)
Looks to me that Gove is doing a bit of grandstanding.The problem of false prosecutions was sorted out by Kenneth Clarke when he was Justice Minister during the previous coalition government.All Gove has to do is ensure that the legislation is effectively implemented. If Steinmeler really objects to the anti-Semitism seen in Germany during Operation Protective Edge,he could have protested to Gove that British law was not invoked at the time to prosecute the BBC,especially the World Service,that acted like Hamas's world propaganda organ and disseminated anti-Semitism and anti-Israel rhetoric throughout the world,including to Germany. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
2. BDS Anti-Semitism in the Guise of Anti-Israel Post
Yaakov Holansky ,   United States   (03.19.16)
The Communication expertise of BDS for the low information target is phenomenal.It incorporates elements of Soviet disinformation, Goebbles “Big Lie”and asserting the erroneous point without arguing the merits of your opponents argument, just i ignore and move forwards. Denigrate & delegitimize Israel and their whole existence in the Middle East especially since the cost are the lives of the indigenous people of the area. To boot all of this since their arguments can be easily defeated they bring thuggery to shout down speaker opposing their thought and ideas so know one will hear a counter argument and they’ve been known known to remove well written books that counter there arguments from the library without every returning it to the Library. In other words they do not have the ability to argue their points when placed in a fair setting to debate.
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