Syrian Kurds say they'll declare federal region in Syria
Associated Press
Published: 16.03.16, 15:57
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1. I hope Israel is the first country to recognize the new
A ,   Belgium   (03.16.16)
Kurdish nation, and the first to offer it friendship. Neither Syria nor Turkey are worth spitting on.
2. seems like the Kurds have long earned a state
Rafi ,   US   (03.18.16)
Kurdish militias (peshmerga) have done far more to fight ISIS/Daesh, Saddam in his day, Assad & the Iranians, than any of the other local players. Kurds rescued the Yazedis, Christians and have helped the west on numerous occasions. Are you concerned about offending the prima-donna, strutting rooster peacock Tayip Erdogan? The West should strongly support - and protect - the Kurds in their legitimate aspirations.
3. #1 what you suggest is not good for the Kurds
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (03.18.16)
They will be even more hated by the other Muslims surrounding them. It is much better for the Kurds to have secret relations with Israel which they do already. Other than that currently there is no added benefit for Israel to have open relations with Kurds, covert help is sufficient.
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