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How Meir Dagan restored the Mossad to its former glory
Ronen Bergman
Published: 20.03.16, 10:41
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1. the hero of Zion and the Iran nuclear deal
CJK   (03.20.16)
all of dagan's many brilliant, creative operations failed to stop the iran nuclear deal. dagan sided with the isreal hater obama in a very public manner, supporting him in reaching a fake deal with iran. this deal has legitimised the shia terror regime and its nuclear weapons program. what irks most is that dagan's political position was made publicly and his criticism of netanyahu was also made publicly. thereby dagan undermined not only the sitting prime minister of israel, but he also gave cover to obama to reach a very dangerous deal with iran. dagan tarnished his fabled reputation by exposing rifts within the national security apparatus of israel for the whole world to see. regretibly, dagan became an ordinary politician.
2. halevy was a disaster as sharon correctly noted
harry   (03.20.16)
halevy with a british accent impressing the media was a total flop. his conceiving the meshall injection hit in amman was beyond stupid. and of course bibi oked it because he cannot think for himself. he would say oh, head of mossad approved it must be good. just like iran hit-barak said it was a good plan, so I went along with it. I have no brains to think for myself. the amman expose cause a radical preacher to be released and many israelis died a s a result. as liberman correctly noted, bibi cannot plan a major operation on his own, he cannot think for himself. what israel needs is a general or leader with a dagger between his teeth. bibi herzog lapid and livni have no daggers at all period. only feiglin has a dagger even more so than bennett. israel needs a coaliton of leiberman, bennett and uriel, the nationalist elements of likud minus the bibi remnants, a conservative religions party and some national elements of kulano and labour. wiht feiglin, there will be opposition just like with begin. THe USA was totally opposed to begin yet he was one iof the best ands strongest israeli leaders. vote for feiglin and then the gloves long overdue will come off.
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