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When MKs attempt to speak English
Ynet and Yedioth Ahronoth
Published: 27.03.16, 00:23
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1. MK's take individual inqueries?
Jake ,   Jerusalem   (03.27.16)
Come now, for Israelis, it is not easy to speak with a MK and I have been here 40 years, speak fluent Hebrew and spoke with a few politicians in the upper levels. I personally found them unresponsive, but realize they don't have time for individuals. They have subordinates who deal with the public.
2. Everybody in Israel Knows...
Avi Israeli ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (03.27.16)
That our politicians only care about the seat they sit on, not getting caught at what they shouldn't be doing and looking good in the public eye. The oldest joke in the Knesset is "Of course we love Aliya - it's the Olim we have a problem with!"
3. MKs, safety
Andi ,   Israel   (03.27.16)
Jake, All MKs can be contacted by email, address freely available on Knesset website. Personally I've never tried so I so I don't know if they respond. It probably depends on the MK. Regarding questions about safety, despite appearances to the contrary in the press, personal safety is very high in Israel. I have no problem letting my daughters wonder around town on their own. Everyone I know that comes from the US and Europe says the same.
4. why is their English important?
Robins ,   Jerusalem   (03.27.16)
I fail to see why MKs should be criticized for poor English. It isn't a requirement of the job, anymore than US lawmakers needing to speak Russian or Arabic.
5. English
New Yorker ,   New York, USA   (03.28.16)
you've got to be kidding; and just how many US law makers do you think are bi-lingual? Israel politicos likely have better things to do than hold the hand of tentative new olim; what about nefesh b nefesh? remember them?
6. Hmm, bet their English is better than my Hebrew.
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (03.31.16)
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