WATCH: IDF soldier shoots neutralized terrorist in the head
Elior Levy, Yoav Zitun, Elisha Ben Kimon
Published: 24.03.16, 20:26
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1. medal of honor
fernando ,   tel aviv   (03.24.16)
In my name,in the the name of my sons,in the name of all my family i want to thank with all my heart to the soldier who shoot this terrorist. Hope that he will receive the medal of honor that he deserves
2. Elisha is time to stop this nonsence!!!1
Avram Goldsmith ,   Concord   (03.24.16)
Insane and unacceptable this approach in this circumstance, are you a bunch of idiots which try to make cheap money??
3. B'Tselem should not worry
Moshe ,   Israel   (03.24.16)
There are enough Palestinian murderers in Israeli jails for future gestures to US and PA, and for swaps.
Robert ,   Israel   (03.24.16)
Before publishing stupidities, Ynet has to remember that Israel is at War. Many things happen at war. Those who wrote the article, instead of doing so sitting in a nice chair at somebody's office, should be out in the streets risking their own lives as soldiers do, and then, only then, they should write their opinions and impressions.
5. Can never be 'neutralized' enough.
David ,   Hartford USA   (03.25.16)
Never let a terrorist have a second chance to kill again. The soldier should be commended for his actions. Israel's going to spend hundreds of thousands of shekels to put this dirtbag in a hospital to recover, only to put him in prison for 20 years which will cost another hundreds of thousands of shekels? Just neutralize him for good and be done with it.
6. values are basic but so is survival
jay   (03.25.16)
israel cannotdefeat hezbollah if it is more concerned about enemy's life that its own. Objectively, an idf soldier is seriously stabbed, an arab attacker is shot extra on the ground. arabs are knows to detonate belts, throw grenades so the soldier may have jumped the gun by shooting but he wanted tomake certain. idf soldiers have beenkilled by such manoevers. Now the soldier sits in jail. so israel used too much force. Well israel will lose tohezbollah or any major enemy. It is simply not prepared to engage in ruthless actions for survival. Why not pack up, hand the land over to haniyeh and move to new york. and bibio, a military underachiever, he is givng lessons to a sodlier!!!??
7. The soldier is a HERO !!!!!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (03.25.16)
8. B'tselem just happened to be accompanying the terrorists?
WB ,   Judea, Israel   (03.25.16)
Everyone had good reason to suspect the terrorist was carrying explosives. He'd already carried out an attack and the soldier was legally and morally correct to stop any further malicious action. This wasn't a bystander who was lying on the ground. It was a person who intended to murder. IDF should provide soldiers with cookies and milk to offer terrorists. Better yet, send them to Ramat Aviv and let them do their thing in the heart of the B'tselem klatch.
9. The soldier did absolutely right...
Beary White ,   Norway   (03.25.16)
When you have a terrorists, still able to move a finger to press a button, then it is completely correct to kill him. And the muslim- terrorist came to murder innocent people, and got what they deserved. A place in hot hell..with OBL..
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