UN body to compile blacklist of settlement businesses
Itamar Eichner
Published: 24.03.16, 22:58
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1. Empty Areas
Zola   (03.25.16)
The UN has no right to stop Jes settling in their ancient homeland in uninhabited areas and the Arabs and Shia have vast spaces . They use these for war crimes and blowing up civilians and plotting to massacre the Jews in the Jewish Homeland that Islam claims with fraud and arrogance is some Islam Province .
2. What a surprise.
DOV ,   USA   (03.25.16)
I will not buy anything that is made in those 32 countries. They make me sick. These killer automatons come and want to murder Israelis and we are to blame in their minds. I hope the Israel can sue everyone of these antisemitic governments.Some please post the 32 countries that voted for this insanity.
3. Why not naming European countries supporting the move ?!
ab   (03.24.16)
It wouldn't surprize me Belgium and Sweden were among them,these c,,s
4. They are dooming themselves to eternal damnation!
5. Christian Europe abstained
C   (03.25.16)
christian europe follows its history to label and blacklist jews and their businesses.
6. UNHRC must be disbanded
C   (03.25.16)
this organ of the un is a den of tyrants and human rights abusers obsessed with jews as a people and as a nation.
7. 15 EU countries who abstained!
tiki ,   belgium   (03.25.16)
while the Yellow Star is being applied to Israel and blacklists are being assembled. The EU needs a "Brussel" 2-3-4-5 to understand that no Muslim appeasing will keep them safe!
8. Shouldn't the UN be attacking the genocide of Christians
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (03.25.16)
and other religious minorities that Israel protects? Seems the heavily Muslim majority of anti semites of the UN can only focus blame on Israel. The UN should be disbanded. Worthless propaganda tool of the wicked. BUILD MORE !!
9. Some smart cookie should publish
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (03.25.16)
the names and places where to buy the same Israeli goods the anti semitic UN EU condemn? I know many people not all Jews who would gladly buy them just to counter this anti semitic anti Israel gesture. Who will he/she be? BUILD MORE SAVE MORE !!
10. # 5 C Christians
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (03.25.16)
are being slaughtered in Muslim nations and all they can do is condemn Israel? Seems the Christians should wake up and smell the coffee ( while there are any Christians and minorities left.)
11. U.N.
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (03.25.16)
The worthless U.N. should have been booted out of the U.S. long ago. Let some Islamic country host them.
12. Careful of what you wish for
Claude ,   UK and Cape Town   (03.25.16)
This move by the Blinkered Deceptive and SinisteMovement could well backfire. In Europe recent events do not help the average citizen identify with Palestinians. China, India many African countries experience Islamic terrorism, and increasingly see Israel as fighting against the nebulise of Islam. The companies on a so called Blacklist may do quite well. Remember the hysteria of the occupy movement against some well known corporate names. Well the consuming public certainly took notice, the corporate survive and occupy is just a busted flush of hypocritical hysteria
13. 10, exactly
C   (03.26.16)
in europe the new religion is leftisim which has infected even the centrist parties.
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