Soldier says terrorist moved, could have set off a bomb
Elisha Ben Kimon and Itay Blumental
Published: 24.03.16, 20:43
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1.  where isdue process
mark   (03.25.16)
bibi who had no great accomplishments as a soldier other thanbeing shot by friendly fire, piles on anidf soldier where the investigation isnot complete citing jewish values. herzog, a lawyer no less, piles on as well when all the facts are not know and the soldiers side is not revealed. if the terrorist on the ground had moved, or pulled a pin on his bomb belt if he had one, would eisencott be happier with a dead soldier than a dead terrorist the intent of the arab fighter was to kill the soldier. this is not a game of monopoly. bibi cannot correct his weakness, it comes form cowardice in the bone, deeply rooted and not correctable. herzog is not only a diaster, he is a poster for israeli weakness and ineptitude. his voice alone could lose a war. eisencott so far is a disappointment. you cannot win a war playing nice against hezbollah. you have to employ every tool in the box and arabs have to fear idf, not laugh at their weakness. bibi has to go, its enough to have this weakling hoowink the israeli public for the last 19 years. he is only in power cause israelis have no realistic choice. however benett, feiglin and lieberman have lots more strenght. lapid herzog are the same twin weakings. beware generals, barak was a disaster, rabin had his troubles and sharon was good until he got into legal trouble and then he screwed up. ashkenazi is no white knight believe me. bibi would not shoot even if the arab fighter plunged a knife 10 cm into his lungs. he'd be shaking and quivering ike he has his whole life.
2. Protect our Soldiers
MJ   (03.25.16)
IDF has to stop discouraging our soldiers, they give their lives to save others, doesn't matter who. This government and the IDF should protect them in any situation, it's their lives as well as ALL of us they are protecting. PROTECT our SOLDIERS!!!
3. IDF shooting
James ,   Minnesota, USA   (03.25.16)
The person was not moving and then you hear and see solder methodically load his chamber walk over aim and shoot him. Lawyer needs to stop with gee he might have a bomb when other solders are already there and have control of situation. Will justice be served. I do not trust Israel justice system. Glad I am in America.
4. Not the Jewish people's culture
David   (03.24.16)
"This is not the IDF culture or the Jewish peoples' culture." Right. Our "culture" is to do absolutely zero when relentlessly and mercilessly slaughtered and blown up. Our culture is to immediately return the dead terrorist bodies, while the father of IDF soldier Godlin grieves to give his son a proper Jewish burial, but cannot since Hamas will not release the body. Our culture is to have a Prime Minister that is loud and quick to condemn our brave soldiers, and shoot off his mouth around the world about "2 state solution", while never saying a word about Israel's historic and legal right to all of Israel. Our culture is to increase the danger to our own IDF soldiers with insane advanced warnings and cease fires, and providing fuel and supplies to the enemy. What exactly has this insane Jewish culture accomplished, other than to cause misery to our own people? I'd love to hear an answer to that.
5. way too many instances of wounded arabs taken into taxis who
ralph   (03.25.16)
blew themselves up inside with israeli medical helpers. of wounded arabs pulling out guns or knives in the hospital. this soldier is brave and deserves medal. naive film recorder must defend his attitude and theory in court, he must be charged with mischief and interfering with the public's safety.
6. #3 And stay there.
Eliyahu ,   Israel   (03.25.16)
7. #3 "Glad I am in America. "
A ,   Belgium   (03.25.16)
I'm glad you are too. Did you see the full film showing the terrorist moving? Of course not! Stay in America, dipshit, and consider yourself lucky that you aren't a young, black man wearing a hoodie so you don't have to experience American "justice".
8. This is why terrorists have to be shot dead
A ,   Belgium   (03.25.16)
In 1990 a terrorist stabbed and killed a female soldier in Jerusalem. Charlie Shalosh, a soldier, heard the girl screaming and ran to help her.He shot the terrorist.but the terrorist got up and stabbed Charlie to death too. Next time when you wonder why terrorists should be shot when they are "neutralized", think of Charlie.
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