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From Samaria to Paris, opponents meet
Elisha Ben Kimon
Published: 27.03.16, 00:23
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1. BDS supporters know that both Judea and Samaria
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (03.27.16)
were united over 3,000 years ago by King David. it is published in the Bible, the worlds # 1 best selling book. The BDS movement will not succeed as Jews have fought off every foul attack that has been perpetrated by anti semitic, anti Israeli thugs and not only survived but have thrived. Why? They are G-ds Chosen people and even the Arab pals who voted in Israels' elections said as much by refusing pal authority for Israel's authority because, it is superior. KEEP BUILDING JEWISH ISRAEL!!!
2. France's problem is their Muslims
C   (03.28.16)
regardless of how much the french castigate israel, their muslim problem will continue to grow.
3. Mort Friedland, FB, you are correct
C   (03.28.16)
the future for israel is in the east, not in christian europe. europe has been blackmailed by the saudis and other rich muslim countries for decades. europe has become weak and its leaders are mediocre. recent islamic terror in france and belgium show that europe's ability to defend itself is virtually non-existent. the european elites will continue to appease muslims until the catastrophe's that are planned will forece them to change their belief systems fundamentally.
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