Bennett clashes with Netanyahu over Hebron incident
Moran Azulay
Published: 27.03.16, 13:25
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1. ALL soldiers should go out on a strike protestinthis immoral
Regina Pilcik   (03.27.16)
retarded incident. This radical left anti-Torah anti-Jews justice system MUST BE REPLACED IMMEDIATELY. They're getting out of hand.
2. The leadership and judges have become so warped and drunk.
Regina Pilcik   (03.27.16)
They can't even differentiate anymore between what's moral and what's evil. Their hatred to principled righteous laws have been replaced with unjust wicked laws towards Jews. SICK!
3. Damn politicians! We know who's on what side!
4. Gentlemen, please no need to moralize..
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (03.27.16)
this is war. I doubt that morals are any way involved with taking lives in a time of war.. If so, try interviewing ISIS. As the saying goes, "All's fair in love and war." One less Arab pal terrorist means nothing to any one not even his family who helped radicalize him. KEEP VIGILANT AND KEEP BUILDING !!
5. no doubt bibi and herzog should be condemned
mark   (03.27.16)
before the ink was dry, spineless bibi as lieberman correctly pointed out and weakling herzog condemned the adtions of the soldier without knowing all the facts of the case. herzog, a lawyer, should know better. bibi we all know is gutless and so he blows with the wind.eisencott should have kept quiet until the investigation had ompleted. arab attacker provocations likely pushed the soldier's mind to be more apprehensive so that they are not blameless. saar should get together with lieberman, and those in likud some sense along with rightist elements elsehere and i nstall bennett as pm. bibi isjust another version of herzog, pathetic weaklings.
6. The soldier
Michael ,   Raanana, israel   (03.27.16)
The soldier should be given a letter of commendation signed by the Prime Minister and the Chief of Staff. All terrorists that come to murder should be killed. The israeli left, media is engaged in immorality of the highest order. Bibi by his response is proving how stupid he can be. What kind of people are we?
7. The Israeli politicians' disease
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (03.27.16)
The are incapable of keeping their lips still. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!! (but not for its demented politicians)
8. A good IDF leader gives soldiers
ORA ,   Jerusalem   (03.27.16)
instructions how to win this war once and forever.,and let to the enemy armies the prerogative of having the most moral army of the world. Some common sense could make of Israel a Super Power with G-D's help.
9. yaalon now attacks bennett
manny   (03.27.16)
yaalon was wrong to make a judgement on idf soldier before the military court did. he thus made it harder for a fair trial. yaalon's gaza campaign did not remove the threat, he allied himself with bibi who was never a great soldier like sharon or barak. Yaalon has had his chances for the last few years to be his own man. instead he is bibi's water carrier just like ramon was olmert's. a new defense minister would be a good idea because calm for calm strategy is a bandaid that does not extricate israel from its predicament. bibi is spineless, gutless in the extreme as lieberman has said. and there is no need not to name him. it is bibi. yaalon's career will be over when bibi is thrown out of office and this will occur later this year.
10. Soldier
Hello ,   USA USA   (03.27.16)
Are you crazy. The neutrized terrorist was and is not a soldier. He is plain and simple a terrorist
11. btselem and idf operations
mit   (03.27.16)
reporters should not be permitted near idf actions because they can cause great harm to israel as betselem does and has done. a warning sign should be posted and any reporters transgressing should be arrested. let us wait for the idf court to assess and decide on the conduct and if any punishment is deserved. soldiers do have to obey the command. but they also have to take action even against orders to save lives. so if an idf soldier had taken his gun off base, he would be alive today so its not so simple. an idf soldier is not in the business of execution.ptsd may be an issue. let us wait and see. this iis how bibi and yaalon and herzog should hhave behavied, not convict the soldier prematurely. he may or may not be a rotten apple. let us see. as for betselam and its arab photographer, they both can go to hell.
12. deri-an ass kissing criminal
eric   (03.27.16)
deri who before helped to usher in oslo now says israel has to be careful with theitnernational community in regard to the officer in jail and what is to be with him. wrong-israel has to fairless judge what happened and punish if necessary or retrain. the itnernational community which via the UN is demanding punishment has got the ears of deri and weakling bibi. they can go to hell-mldenaov and the rest of them-go to hell. israel does n ot need soldiiers who act like executioners or high judges. and maybe this should be handled behind closed doors since publicizing puts the idf soldier in the same boat as the terrorists whose intent was to kill idf soldiers wounding one.
13. elections
edwardd   (03.28.16)
even though netanyahu is not my choice, \i would still vote for him if the alternative is lapid or herzog/livni. I learned past lessons. oslo was a disaster, the unilateral gaza withdrawal was not done properly at least retaining the philadelphia route. lapid and herzog will make land concessions which will make israel's situation worse.\\\\while the united states is israel's main ally and care is required, you can see that it is withdrawing and receding. lapid and herzog want to throw all of israel's dependency on it. In 1967, lyndon johnson did nothing to reverse egyptian threats.idf had to do it on its own. In 1973, nixon pressured israel not to preempt and it took a mighty effort to reverse initial defeats to victory. so israel has learned some hard lesssons. sadly lapid and herzog livni learnied nothing. while israel cannot go on adventures, it must pick the time and enemy to defeat and not rely on others.As dagan pointed out, it should not take on everybody at the same time. if there are other choices than the above like bennett, barkat or feiglin, then I can vote for one or the other. but i will not cast a vote for lapid or herzog no matter how much the media praises them.liberman has lots of fight in him, israel's enemies fear him but the trust factor is an issue especially when he adopted john kerry's peace proposal.
14. Shooting Prisoners - NOT Moral
Mark ben Josef ,   The World Outside   (03.28.16)
Soldiers are not supposed to be judge, jury and executioner, especially not in war. The Germans shot groups of American prisoners at the Battle of the Bulge in WWII. The Japanese shot prisoners and burned prisoners in the Philippines during WWII. None of those incidents were considered moral. Neither was the massacre at My Lai in Vietnam. Like Captain R, the act was not moral. It was premeditated murder.
15. Good for Bennett. He is right. Who
DT ,   TA Israel   (03.27.16)
cares about world opinion ? Israel does too much.
16. Win war rather than media sympathy
ORA ,   Jerusalem   (03.29.16)
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