Fighting BDS with caricatures
Reut Rimerman
Published: 27.03.16, 16:24
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1. Yes, they should continue boycotting Israel
Regina Pilcik   (03.27.16)
If Israel leadership and justice system are so cruel and immoral to its Jewish citizens and prefer Arab terrorists over good Jews, so yes, they should continue boycotting Israel.
2. Palestinian rights are suppressed
David Chin ,   USA   (03.27.16)
Where is the section for suicide bombers, car rammers, civilian-targeted rocket launchers and adolescent knife attackers at the protest? They must publicize how the Zionist regime is oppressing their right to attack innocent civilians.
3. Ignoring hte elephant in the room: OCCUPATION!
Eva ,   Germany   (03.27.16)
Some caricatures are quite good and make a point, but none of them targets BDS (only the first quite ridiculous one), which is a civil society activity against the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land. Please address the occupation and then we will see what the powerful caricatures may look like.
4. #3 Another mindless parrot squawking "occupation"
A ,   Belgium   (03.28.16)
without any comprehension of what she is squawking about. At least Ms. Beckham has company.
5. Hmm, are these same pro BDS females
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (03.28.16)
the same ones with AIDS or other STD's from accommodating the several 'husbands' that ISIS has united in unholy matrimony? They must know that when they become sick or pregnant, they are left like used garbage by the side of the road, alone, ill and used up like trash. Join you in campus protests? When hell freezes over you dumb clucks. KEEP BUILDING !!!
6. #3: Can you explain...
M.Davison ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (03.28.16)
“End the occupation end the problem.” Then perhaps you can explain these events throughout history: What “occupation” were Arabs in Palestine “resisting” in 1517, when they murdered Jews in Safed and Hebron? What “occupation” were Arabs in Palestine “resisting” in 1834, when they murdered Jews in Safed and Hebron? What “occupation” were Arabs in Palestine “resisting” in 1920, when they murdered Jews in Jerusalem? What “occupation” were Arabs in Palestine “resisting” in 1921, when they murdered Jews in Safed and Hebron? What “occupation” were Arabs in Palestine “resisting” in 1929, when they murdered Jews in Safed and Hebron? What “occupation” were Arabs in Palestine “resisting” between 1936 and 1939, when they murdered Jews all over the Mandate for Palestine? Unless you can provide a reasonable, logical answer to these questions about murderous ARAB acts taking place long before there was an occupation or even a State of Israel, then the real answer isn’t “end the occupation”, the real answer is: “It’s Islam, stupid!”
7. an interesting thing I have learned
erin ,   Israel, formerly U.S   (03.28.16)
from all the attacks of evil over the years, while some think the wicked angels, or evil abuse people just because they think it's a game the truth is the wicked angels purposely abuse people so that when these abused people receive relief, or deliverance, they become "open" vessels to unclean spirits of narcissism, types of love of self. So you have to ask yourself, anywhere in the world that you are, as the U.S. government uses this tactic as well, am I being abused because they hate me? Or am I being abused for a purpose of their design; am i being abused to cause me to fall into narcissism, and racism, the minute I get relief? Ever notice how there is a "heated" push to oppress some people, and then there is a "relaxing" of that sorcery or other similar styles of attack? It's this same m.o. And many of these 'carry- outers' of iniquity can't do their work anymore, because even though their sorcery is being commanded to them in the air above the earth- they no longer exist. We have peace on this earth today because the evil that attacks us no longer exists. Will people create this evil again-? They appear to have- as they do it nearly every day, and it attacks us again and again and have done it to whole regions of people all over the world, including the non- Jew, Arab Middle East; but let's not forget Africa, Turkey, Turkey's neighbors to the north, northwest, west, and northeast. And we always have to remember they are attacking Asia. They attack Asia too much. It's unbearable under the incessant attacks. They do almost the same to Africa- different style though. A different outcome is desired there- and the non- Jewish Middle East- they hit hard, really hard, and almost shatter them as they work to use the "breaks in attacks" to "harden" the people, making them easier to shatter. So is this a problem? Yes, the strategy I outlined above is created by humans, non- Middle East residing humans; but the attacks that lead to narcissism or elitism? Those come from the wicked angels. We need to take care not to fall into their traps- any of them- and remember who we are Jews. we're not them. We don't do sorcery- we don't attack people. Or animals. That's the end of the story- we are not like them. And we need to not be- and we need to not fall into their traps- as they try to "ambush" us on each side as they read in David's years as leader. They're repeating what they read- the wicked angels are using what they've watched human history do all these years and fail at. Don't fall for those failings.Ever notice how some people who are under the age of thirty seem so perfect, so ready- for- any -trouble, so upbeat even though life is really, really hard? That's the effect of wicked angels- it's an influence they have on the person, it's not even skin deep. it's shallow- the mighty hand of God is within them keeping them alive. We will see a different world when all this evil stops- a peaceful world. A relaxed world. Let the evil traps go right past you- and off into the garbage dump-. It's headed there anyway. And it won't be much longer these attacks upon Jews and non-Jews alike will take place- God's already written it out. The wicked angels are at war with us- there isn't any thing we've seen done by the CIA or at Guantanamo that they don't mimic. Because they think it works to get us "down". So if you want to know what the wicked angels do to people- they do everything the CIA does to people. Exactly- to a T- because they know it works to anger us- and get us to sin. But the CIA tactics aren't the only tactics they use in their works- they work to assault us period. We can't let that happen- because we love each other. And the only thing we have is to pray- our God is near. He'll get rid of them- just ask Him.
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