Soldier in Hebron incident to be released to open detention
Yoav Zitun
Published: 01.04.16, 14:53
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1. Let my soldier go.
Mike ,   Edmonton, AB   (04.01.16)
In Israel, democratic country, people do not have the right to remain silent?
2. I can't blame the soldier
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (04.01.16)
stuff happens, any pal with a knife aimed at Jews deserves to die.
3. The end of media trials?
History nut ,   Israel   (04.01.16)
"....who shot dead an already-neutralized terrorist in Hebron." That seems to be a question doesn't it yoav, and yet you state it as a fact. Because your head is up your rear?
4. When they are out to get him: co-operate?
Jake ,   Jerusalem   (04.01.16)
Come on, he is not stooopid, he knows the Israeli want his blood to pacify the vicious lefties....
5. Simply a killer!!
Yoav   (04.01.16)
He is simply a cold blooded killer should be punished severely!! Very simple people !!
6. I don't see a difference do you?
Sally Forth ,   Israel   (04.01.16)
How is Prime Minister Mr. Netanyahu's phone call to the father of the soldier who shot a neutralized terrorist different from the condolence visit paid by some of the members of Knesset's "Joint List" faction?
7. Give the soldier the benefit of the doubt
jake ,   Petach Tikva   (04.01.16)
8. Israel has become a shell of what it once was
Al   (04.01.16)
Todays Israel with its inept leadership would never have been able to be founded, defended or even grown. The Jew of todays 2016 Israel is no different then the Jew in pre WWII Europe, a sniveling shaking putz waiting for the good graces of the goy. You are doomed...You haven't won a war against the Arabs in 48 years. Between the useless orthodreck, the nutty lefties and the far and few Zionists that are still left, there is no one left to guard the state against an implacable foe. When an Arab wants to kill you with his bare hands, you wax poetic about the morals of war. You are redefining insanity for you are an insane people. In war, you vanquish an enemy. You don't coddle him and win his heart and mind. You destroy him before he destroys you. The Arabs with their lust to murder, will in the end murder you while you play with yourselves talking about 'purity of arms' and other nonsensical crap. Israel will always exist, only you as a state are doomed.
9. Kig David should have been prosecuted after throwing the fir
Roland ,   london England   (04.01.16)
10. The Kid Acted Stupidly, but.........
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (04.01.16)
The media/political circus about this incident is causing more harm to Israel than the stupidity of this kid. If they have to punish him, do it quietly. But, afterall, he is an IDF soldier tasked with protecting us, so give him a break.
11. the prosecution has a weak case.
DOV ,   USA   (04.01.16)
Unless the IDF has black box implanted in all their staff they'll never know what the soldier was thinking at time.
12. maybe the lawyers ought to shut up
jay   (04.01.16)
the court process is underway. the prosecutor and also defense lawyer reported comments are inappropriate because the case is underway. they both ought to shut the hell up. bear in mind arab/s who intended to kill idf soldiers- this is not some game and wounded one.on the other hand, idf soldiers are not gods to hand out punishement- ie he deserved to die. If necessary end his life but use theforce only necessary. He also may have information of value.and the odd one can be turned. so lawyers, shut up already and let the process take its course.
13. idf soldiers can be lazy
jesion   (04.01.16)
that officers did not check the terrorist for a belt does not mean that he was secure. there is a lot of speculation. idf soldiers cannot play god but they may use lethal force if the terrorist went to detonate a belt or grab a knife to continue stabbing. killing the terrorist if it was unnecessary, though it does have some deterrent value, violates protocol of the idf and the soldier cannot be chief unto himself or take revenge for personal reasons. bar lev and gal on's comments are as usual worthless-they only wish to condemn and incite against the idf. netanyau and yaalon and herzog should all shut up and let the tribunal do its job.
14. # 5 No, he killed a murdering pal he's a hero!
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (04.01.16)
15. Thank you Israel
American Christian   (04.01.16)
Now we know what justice is like in israel and what a shame is jewish values. There is us and them/others/nations/ goyim.
16. Once his name is made known to public we must name a square
or a street in his honor! Eat that, Abu Adolf!!!
17. since this soldier has French citizenship....
Panic in Needle Park ,   Needle Park   (04.01.16)
let's get together and gift him with a free trip to Europe. once on European soil they can arrest him and bring him to trail at the International Court in the Hague for crimes against humanity. After all isn't that what the right wingers love to do? Expel and Sue?
18.  Trivialisation of terror
ky   (04.01.16)
No mistaking that this is all part of a campaign by human rights lobby and the left to trivialise every act of terror and make bystanders feel "well its not so bad" and it must have some justification. The act of self defence is now becoming criminal and we must all accept that we must be victims. This is the psychology behind the prosecution. We must not take any action out of anger at being stabbed or shot. They are trying to tinker with human nature and make people in robots.
19. 8 Al, yes, this is war
C   (04.01.16)
the enemies of israel do not respect the rules of war. indeed, they intentionally commit war crimes and crimes against humanity. the enemies of israel declare openly that they do not accept international agreements, only sharia law. yet israel and the rest of the west are fighting with most restrictive rules of engagement. in wars where both sides follow the rules of war, this soldier would probably be held accountable. however, this soldier and his comrades are fighting a war against illegal combatants who murder civilians and lay in wait to murder israeli soldiers.
20. Israeli soldier
steve gure ,   coconut creek usa   (04.01.16)
The Israeli public must wake up and back the soldier. The is no other just couse.
21. The soldier
Michael ,   Raanana, israel   (04.01.16)
This soldier is a hero. Think of how many lives he saved by killing this despicable genocidal arab murderer. Any genocidal terrorist who comes with a knive to murder innocent Jews must be killed.
22. #18 ky Very good point
TW   (04.02.16)
Once again, double standard for Israel. Had this happened in the US or Europe, it would not even be news. This trial is being choreographed to please the EU and the State Dept.
23. # 5 Oh puhleeze!
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (04.02.16)
When any pal murders a Jew and is killed he's a martyr. The soldier deserves a medal one less Arab pal ape to worry about. Maqbe Israel can name a street after him? BUILD MORE !!
24. # 5 LOL Maybe Israel should make him "martyr?"
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (04.02.16)
and name a street after him? Your pals do that with their dumb dead. Maybe we can do it for the living? KEEPING BUSY BUILDING JEWISH ISRAEL.!!! While Arab pals are dead as door nails attempting to murder Jews.
25. #5 Red? Better stop changing color....
History nut ,   Israel   (04.02.16)
because evidently someone can recommend their comment until it becomes red.
26. @20 if ur comment is accurate then y isnt USA backing every
police officer who murderers unarmed US citizens?
27. 16 we know his name just go 2 French media
Panic in Needle Park ,   Needle Park   (04.02.16)
not only have they got his name. they have shared that he's Tunisian background and holds French and Israeli citizenship. additionally there are uncensored photos of this soldier. go ahead have a look. oh you will need to be able to read and write French in order to look up the information...and no I am NOT providing any links that would be a violation of the Israeli censor's rules!
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