US 'concerned' about Israel destroying Palestinian homes
Published: 02.04.16, 13:54
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1. "Undermine the possibility of two states."
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (04.02.16)
HALLELUJAH! No two states !!!! Why would Israel allow her enemy to have ANY of her G-d given promised land? Under obama, the US is 'worried', ' 'concerned', 'fearful' and seems to prefer handing out $150 BILLION dollars to Iran while berating ONLY Israel about building homes for persecuted Jews? Has it occurred to 'genius' obama that ISIS would promptly take over where the Arab pals left off? Screw obama, he and Hillary ( two mutual douche bags.) "Demand that Israel end all settlement activities." Demand this, no two states you a**holes! BUILDING IS A BLESSING !!!
2. Facebook Maria Johanna Lith
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (04.02.16)
"Fake Israel?" Nothing fake about it. Israel kicked the Arabs asses in 6 wars the Arabs( including the pals) began. "Making the Arab pals lives miserable" is their just desserts for being lying terrorists and illegal squatting aliens, in the land of ancient historic JEWISH Israel, "Homeland For The Jewish People." Only 'fakes' here are you and your 'pals' Arab pals can do one thing if they don't like Israel.... MOVE !!! KEEP BUILDING !!!
3. jewish terrorism has been going on for 60 years
US   (04.02.16)
Murder of a non-jew is a non-crime according to jewish teaching and judaism. Ethnic cleansing is encourage by jewish government and rabbis. Racism is part of judaism.
4. us
Sym ,   Paris France   (04.02.16)
us your country is the real terrorist you racist scum bag
5. Don't worry US
jake ,   Petach Tikva   (04.02.16)
Israel is a rule of law. If the buildings are built illegally , the law must deal with it.
6. # 3 Chapter and verse please, I never read that in the Torah
But, the Qaran is loaded with 109 verses on how to murder anyone not agreeing with your savage, barbaric cult. Pathetic liar. BUIDLING OVER YOUR WET DREAMS!!
7. Obama, there is much to be worried about
C   (04.02.16)
there is the genocidal sadistic jv islamic state, there is international terorism from iran, the islamic invasion of europe, threat of dirty bombs, russian advances on many fronts, the midget in north korea with nuclear weapons and gulags, boko haram, the failed state of lybia filled with jihadists and unsecured advanced weapons, the disintegration of syria and the continual genocide in that state, the inexistent state of lebanon controlled by iran's terror proxy hezbollah.....
8. Proud of Israel
Curtis ,   USA   (04.03.16)
As a person with apparently no Jewish ancestry, I am so proud of Israel. A fantastic state in a region of unbelievable turmoil.
9. Obama IS destroying the US !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (04.03.16)
10 months and counting...
10. 9 Chris, correct
C   (04.03.16)
three of obama's former defence secretaries have a very poor opinion of him. he has grrossly reduced all branches of the military and the chiefs of staff say openly that they are not ready for war. more importantly, the military has been turned into a social experiment with attempts to send women to combat without the requisite physical fitness. men parade on university campuses in their uniforms but with red high heeled shoes. the humiliation is astounding. the vocabulary in the military is changed so that wars now are referred to as overseas contingencies and mass shootings by islamic terrorists are called work place violence.
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