What happened to all the stabbing attacks?
Yoav Zitun
Published: 11.04.16, 23:27
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1. It's much simpler.
Jules   (04.12.16)
Remember the soldier (now under arrest) who shot the terrorist ? The Arabs got the message.
2. What for an Intifada?
Benmalich Abimelech   (04.12.16)
They were on their search for جنّة Jannah.Religion is madness. There is probably no afterlife after the death.I don't belive that man have an immortal Soul.But it must be also said that Israel do also things who are not right. Who belives don't fear,are you really sure Eyal?Are you sure the today jewish God is the same God as the Hebrews Avraham Isaac and Jacob worshipped?I don't want to get in detail,but as I paged through the Mishna,I read a lot of strange things.And what the Westbank Palestinians do is far away from an uprising.What are lone wolf attacks against an armed Soldier,well they also attack of course civilians,You got also right now a long time quiet in Gaza and it will probably continue to be quiet for a while.
3. This is drek from beginning to end...
History nut ,   Israel   (04.12.16)
"“We gave the soldiers a questionnaire about that incident, to make sure they understood what’s right. The impression is that, from the level of platoon commanders and upward, their understanding is that the soldier’s actions were wrong." But he wasn't wrong and you painting it wrong is the problem. That soldier did more for the safety of Israel than any of the government has with regard to the current bloodletting of innocent blood.
4. The stabbing intifada is over because it was a total failure
Jake ,   USA   (04.12.16)
Thank the IDF for pumping stabbers full of bullets. Thats what stops people from stabbing, nothing else.
5. Not Lone Wolves
A Simple Jew ,   Beer Sheva   (04.12.16)
The article admits these are not "lone wolf" attackers, because it speaks of "goodwill gestures" (read: bribes). If these were really lone wolves, then no gestures to the PA or local Arabs would change anything. These attacks are supported and encouraged by the locals.
6. Give credit to G_d!
ListenIsrael ,   USA   (04.12.16)
Two reasons: 1 .Thousands of Jews and pro-Israel Christians around the world pray daily for the safety of Jews, Christians and the righteous in Israel. God does listen. 2. The shooting of the the downed terrorist in the head and the media coverage makes budding terror perpetrators think twice before committing terrorist act. They have seen what happens - a bullet exploding a terrorists head!
7. IDF soldier who killed terrorist singlehandedly ended terror
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (04.12.16)
8. Good news?
BB ,   Jerusalem   (04.12.16)
Certainly this is good news, for now. When dealing with adolescents as perpetrators, we need to be aware that: actions are taken more out of emotions than from rational deliberation. They tend to identify with models that can help them in their challenging quest for identity, whether it's sports, movies, or terror. Adolescents tend to be time-limited, meaning that they succumb to trends and fashion, which are by definition limited in time. Only recently huge numbers of Palestinian high school students routinely packed a knife/weapon along with their sandwich in their backpack. fortunately, most did not execute stabbings, but even packing a knife every morning must have gained them points with their friends. So let;s be thankful this trendy fad is waning, but let;s be ready for the next round. Our thanks to the IDF and the Shin Bet for their interventions.
9. Who's sicker in the Kopf:"God-did-it"or"the soldier did it"-
crowd?? Since when does God care what happens to humans, seriously?! Since when do suicidal maniacs care when/how they'll get shot?! Besides: had it not subsided we'd be hearing endless "Bibi does nothing"! Well, it has stopped: do the usual Tools admit it's because "Bibi did Something"?? No way, Jose.... But yeah, I believe firmly God will help me filling nex Lotto-coupon!
10. It ain't over till Jews embrace Tora.
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (04.12.16)
Listen Israel, prepare to defend yourself with all your heart,your might and your soul . Don't rely on Arabs to stop this war. May G-D help Israel
11. # 2 Of course we serve the same G-d as did Abraham.
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (04.12.16)
he doesn't get a 'make over' by revisionist he is the same yesterday, today, and always. It is we who have changed, not he. KEEP BUILDING !!
12. To No.7.
Bertram ,   London, UK.   (04.12.16)
I think you are wrong , but if you are right it suggests that Israel has joined the ranks of the terrorists. How depressing.
13. #12:Oh boy, how succinctly wrong can u be?
Not typical of you Bertram. Usually you make eloquent & learned dissertations THEN you provide totally wrong conclusion(s) :-))
14. Talmud Law and Sharia
Benmalich Abimelech   (04.12.16)
The Muslims want have a Palestinian state with the Sharia rule.I remeber to read somewhere that Netanyahu stated that the Jewish law of the State of Israel must be confirmed with the Talmud.Sharia Law and Talmud Law,in both books is written strange things ( Idon't know how many secular jews read the Talmud, not to mention the Tanakh),the religious jews have also not an own opinion of the writings in the Hebrew Bible,because rather than to read the Hebrew Bible they simply read the Rabbis commentary,so this is not an own opinion,and if the religious jews think that the hebrew bible is true,can say tell me whether all prophecies have been fullfilled or there are some prophecies who must yet to be fullfiled(Mashiach),and what about the Prophecies that say Israel will be punished ,it is not only writen that other nations will be punished but also Israel,it is said Israel also did idolatry, sometimes even more than the nations around them. The Muslims wait for Mahdi,the Jews for Mashiach(nobody can prove today that he descent from David),and the Christians wait for Jesus. As for me I think all Religions are man-made.
16. #11So you serve God?
Benmalich Abimelech   (04.12.16)
Did God created you and all mankind?than this must be a kind of a spiritual act, like your God is so powerfull that he can create you in the womb of your mother through his thoughts.Adam and Eve he created with his Hands.He created Adam from the Dust and than God take a rib from Adam closes his flesh and formed of the rib Eve, So if God created humans,he only create 2 Humans,and than they began to multiply. And jews call their God Adonai,I don't know whether I'm right about it,but as far as I have read articles about deities and myths and Canaanites(and I don't claim that my understanding is 100 percent right)than I read that Adonai is plural and don't mean my Lord (which is Adon) but my Lords,so to the Jews who claimed to be monotheistic are maybe not that monotheistic today.Adon means Lord as well Baal means Lord and unfortunately I must say that the Canaanites had many Adonai and Baalim.So the christians claim that they are monotheistic, I don't spoke to a lot of Christians but to a few,and I ask them about that their God is 1 and also 3 and 3 also 1,they tell me many things, one of them was the claim that Jesus allready existed by the Creation and therefore God Said:And God said, "Let us make man in our image, after our likeness; they tell me that God spoke to Jesus and the Holy Spirit Let us make man in our image,after our likenes.After my opinion every one can chose and worship any religion he wants,and some religions say that if I don't follow their God and their way of life(Christianity,Islam),I will burn in Hell.Well,believe me, a human don't has an immortal soul. But let everybody believe what he want.
17. Terrorists should face enhanced interrogation & execution
Chaim ,   Israel   (04.12.16)
Israel could save many lives by adopting the policy of executing all "Palestinian" terrorists. Let every "Palestinian" know that when they are captured, they will have nothing to look forward to except enhanced interrogation, to extract information from them, and prompt execution. To keep "Palestinian" terrorists alive guarantees more innocent Jewish civilians will be maimed and murdered. It is totally immoral.
18. Is it too hard to see ?
Gabe ,   Canada   (04.12.16)
Abbas ordered it. Abbas stopped it.
19. To No.13.
Bertram ,   London, UK.   (04.12.16)
So, one apparent extra-judicial execution (a terrorist act) is the cause of the apparent lull in the 'intifada'. Is that right? Hardly plausible if the Palestinians are such an evil determined bunch. However, you'd rather believe that than believe they are ordinary human beings who respond positively to being treated in a civilised manner.
20. #19:NOW you're talking! Yep, I mean NO, Islam does something
to it's followers so they don't respond to "being treated in civilized manner" in a positive, civilized way.... Surely I don't have to drag forward all the examples of Arabs, educated & raised in the free/democratic West perpetrating the most heinous acts of terror? 9/11 anyone? You exhibit the Useful Tool's perception of Evil as something being caused by White Man's greed/poor treatment of the "Noble Savages", be it in Africa or Arab world.... That is something your poster-boy/hero Mr. H.Obama shares with you wholeheartedly. Well, dear Bertram: you keep your guilt trip to yourself and let us fight the fascist death-cult of Islam on our own. No, I don't think this soldier caused the "popular upraising" to stop. It was orchestrated from the beginning to the very end.
21. no end
baheyya   (04.13.16)
if the end is then or afterthat
22. WHY FEWER ATTACKS? "The emptied clip" movement,carry permits
Jewish Doctor ,   America is beautiful   (04.17.16)
That emptied clip saved many other Jewish people from death and dismemberment at the hands of ARAB KAMIKAZEES who WANT TO DIE BY ISRAELI HANDS... so let it be, there's one bullet for every TERRORIST! Lots of arab muslim fundamentalist terrorists, enough bullets to cover the problem, resolve it and go on to the task at hand...allowing Jewish people to live without the arabs' threats. By any means whatsoever... Bibi said it... "When we say NEVER AGAIN, WE MEAN, NEVER AGAIN!"
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