First modern maps of Jerusalem auctioned off
Roi Yanovsky
Published: 11.04.16, 22:44
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1. " to help the ottoman's with sewage and sanitary problems"
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (04.11.16)
In other words, the Ottomans were awash in affluents ( aren't they always?) and, now, after the Jews returned home, Israel is clean, sanitary and viola, Kosher clean! So good to be back home.
2. Another observation
RocqueDerKasbah   (04.12.16)
When the Muslim Arabs could have contributed something educational, they did nothing useful - this had to be done by a European. No wonder the Ottoman Empire was crushed by the Europeans with hardly a shot fired!
3. Compared 2Today & Bible?
Jersey rich ,   New Jersey, USA   (04.12.16)
First, where can we c larger, more readable maps created during the American Civil War? How do these maps compare to today's claims? Also, versus Biblical claims? Thinking there r significant & valuable Legal issues going forward ...
4. Shep the Israel Museum was built in 1965
Jew-C ,   JewLandia (Israel)   (04.12.16)
I do believe that you are thinking of the new Israel National Library which is having a new building built...the cornerstone for this was laid last week. I am willing to wager that these particular maps were purchased by El-Ad Organization or alternatively by The Temple Mount Foundation...they will eventually end up on view.
5. about The Palestine Exploration Fund
Jew-C ,   JewLandia (Israel)   (04.12.16)
Mr. Yanovsky a true pity that you didn't include information about this organization. Their surveys were used by the British Army during World War I Further about this set of maps in particular they were part of the 19th century British Christian fascination with the Temple Mount and part of their search connected to the Knights Templar. It would make an enlightening article if you were to write about this.
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