Far-right Austrian leader visits Holocaust museum
Published: 12.04.16, 17:44
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1. What is needed is a
Elor Azarya   (04.12.16)
moument to 700+ Palestinian villages destroyed in the Nakbar.
2. to #1 Elor Azarya
Bluegrass Picker ,   Afula   (04.13.16)
get a bigger calculator buddy, we have not yet finished the revival of Aramaic & Coptic languages. Notzriut is indigenous to this land & we are going to restore Coptic sovereignty over Aza. There is lots of room in Samara for the Syrian & Pakistani Christians. & their kids will be enthusiastic magav-nikkim.
3. High Time to acknowledge..........good start...
Calabi ,   Sydney Aust   (04.13.16)
High time to acknowledge, repent and open your (European Christian) eyes and think. As a Christian read your Holy Bible and know any hurts to the Jews will surely be next to the Christian vice versa as far as the muslim evil is concern. Sure not 100% muslim is evil but 10% of them is 100,000,000 evil and liberalism have no match against them. Evil as they are 1,500,000 = 1/3 Christian Armenians genocide = set a precedent for Hussieni to make bond with hitler to genocide 6 millions Jews = 1/3 of the Jewish population Jewish. God bless Jews!!!!!
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