Ya'alon: Israel signed off on Egypt-Saudi deal over islands
Yoav Zitun, Reuters
Published: 12.04.16, 18:16
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1. Israel must get a share of the $16 billion Saudi bribe
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (04.12.16)
2. Strait of Tiran is an international waterway
C   (04.12.16)
no litoral state has the right to close the strait of tiran to international shipping of any kind. nevertheless, it is necessary that the saudis have signed on to the peace treaty between egypt and israel.
3. Replacing US MFOs
Mark ben Josef ,   USA   (04.13.16)
The US and Saudis have a written agreement (from Bush years) - No US troops on Saudi soil. So who replaces the US?
4. 3 Mark
C   (04.13.16)
you worry too much. agreements can be changed. furthermore, it is obama who wants to pull out troops. he pulled out troops from iraq, and is now forced to send troops back. there are at least five thousand american troops in iraq.
5. Islamists WON'T ONLY JUMP to Sinai via 2islands; they have t.power to KICK OUT todays kingsh.!
Yiftach ,   Yisrael   (04.18.16)
and than we sit with some paper, what we can use for... ! - But let us ask a very simple question: For which purpose at all to have bridges..?! - for commerce and than.. - finish it by yourself !
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