Temple Institute claims it held secret Jewish wedding on Temple Mount
Roi Yanovsky, Kobi Nachshoni
Published: 13.04.16, 00:33
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1. Last week Waqf brought in building materials
ShipOfFools ,   Jerusalem   (04.13.16)
Last week was seen at the Lions Gate by soldiers there tons of building materials brought in and unloaded to the site by the Wakf no doubt for expanding the mosques there just now on Radio Station Galei Israel tens of thousands of Israeli listeners heard how illegal mosques are being built all over Jerusalem with the direct ok of Israeli government authorities in the hope the quiet from violence will continue that is blackmail to the Palestinians, of course the result will be only that "the beast will eat us last " as it is only postponing the inevitable of an even larger Palestinian population in Jerusalem and a minority Jewish one what horrible spineless"Jewish Leaders" what is being created here is not a Jewish State or Homeland but yet just one more pathetic Jewish Ghetto with all its historic implications.
2. Huh?
Yehuda ,   Israel   (04.13.16)
Actually, this was never acceptable. The Gemara in Kiddushin discusses such a case, and basically says that such a thing is nigh impossible, because women were rarely found in the Courtyard of the Beit HaMikdash. So as opposed to upholding an ancient tradition, the Temple Institute has once again trampled on the holiness of the site by performing a meaningless gesture, and thereby endangering Jews the world over. The most important part of this act for the Temple Institute was not the act - but the publicizing of the act - whether or not it even happened. Also, where was the Minyan of men to witness the Kiddushin? How could you make a Bracha on the wine elsewhere? You may not make a bracha on Kiddushin that will take place days or hours later. The whole thing is idiocy.
3. U mean that without Temple Institute G-d can't build temple
Jew-C ,   JewLandia (Israel)   (04.13.16)
really? wow! and here I thought that the mighty & merciful G-d of Israel was up to the is just that He's taking his time. Why is the Temple Institute rushing G-d's time?
4. to #2: huh?
tom ,   toronto, canada   (04.13.16)
you are right about the temple institute publicizing this, but not about anything else! there is no "minyan" required for a wedding, just 2 kosher witnesses, and even that is just for the ketubah. any one of the three forms, kiddushin, kinyan, or beilah are sufficient for a valid wedding (and require a get!), but we do all 3, "just to make sure", not as a requirement. what heder did you go to, that taught you such nonsense?
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