PM’s Office intervenes, stops E. Jerusalem home demolition
Yael Freidson and Roi Yanovsky
Published: 13.04.16, 12:15
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1. I also want a home in the National Park
MadDad ,   Johannesburg RSA   (04.13.16)
I really would like to pick a National Park and build a home for 11 people, anywhere I choose.
2. The TB's show no sympathy. Family home
israeli   (04.13.16)
since '92 (24 years) will remain in their home for time being. Bibi made the right decision.
3. If the house was illegally built in 1992,
A ,   Belgium   (04.13.16)
why has it taken so long to decide to demolish it?
4. I get that the Jew was anxious not to upset the Gentile King
when we were in the Diaspora....but THIS?!
5. such fear- i have never encountered such a scared man
israeli pms live in such fear whethr livni, olmert and now bibi. i'll offend the US president-oh my god- he'll cut off funding- the state will be destroyed. i have never encountered such a fearful group. the parents did a lousy job in raising such weaklings-lvinis, netanyahus in the case of bibi, burg, lapid, and herzog especially. idf has to toughen up the training and likewise the schools. it is embarassing. likud should bring forward a leadership convention and throw bibi out. barkat and others should vie for the leadership and compete against feiglin, bennett and some new people to inject new bloood intot the system. israel is tired of b ibi, livni, herzog who has his own troubles, lapid and especially kahlon whose weakness is second to herzog.
6. Palestinians stand no chace of getting a building permit
Tom   (04.13.16)
And we all know how easy it is for east Jurusalem arabs to obtain a building permit unlike those lawless settlers that just build where ever they feel like it and then declare the building a beit knesset and mumble some religious nonsense. So enough of the hypocracy please.
7. Hmm, justice?
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (04.13.16)
Only if the demolition crew comes back soon.The nation of Israel should destroy every illegal pal home in Israel. They don't hesitate if it's a Jew or, a Jewish organization. Smacks of uneven handedness and makes her citizens rest the government.
8. Built 1922, before the colony of israel established.
Joz   (04.13.16)
9. #8 joz:
10. #8 joz: Strange that you say 1922. House was
built in 1992, repeat, 1992.
11. #5 : Not fear but good common sense.
israeli   (04.13.16)
12. A nation out of control pays blackmail
Blackmail ,   Jerusalem Israel   (04.13.16)
What a joke this nation is , bulldoze Jewish homes and give cart blanche to tens of thousands of illegal Arab ones a leaderless nation building a Jewish Ghetto Jews should start looking for a sane and safer part of the world to live in , it certainly isn't going to be here thanks to generations of bad " leaders"
13. comment
ayodeji ,   Ibadan, Nigeria   (04.13.16)
Men like Aref Tutunji who will not run down the State of Israel despite pressure to do so need support from the state, from what he said, he is a man with grateful heart. I wish the State of Israel will provide him alternative home where it will not be illegal for him & his household to dwell before the present place he occupies is demolish.
14. If the family has no arrests or any members, let it stay.
David ,   Hartford USA   (04.13.16)
If the family hasn't been involved with any terrorism, if the kids are in school, if the father is a decent man, then let it stay. Israel had years to demolish it and it chose not to. No, he can't expand it, he can't take more land, and he can only sell it to the State, if the time ever comes when the State really wants it. But after all these years, let the family stay in their home. And the same goes for Israelis who have built without permits and have lived in them for as long as this family. Equal treatment. If the house was on state land at the time it was built, then send the family some sort of bill for a land lease. Make it reasonable, something that they can afford to pay. Then, make it a retroactive 50 year lease to the day they built it. When the time is up, they must leave. Very simple. Another 2 or 3 generations can live in the house, but after 50 years, the lease is up and they must leave. And next time, Israel, if a home is under construction illegally, stop it at the foundation- don't wait until the damn thing is built! Or do Israeli building inspectors turn a blind eye to this on orders from.....?
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