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The interesting case of the British soldier that opened fire
Ben-Dror Yemini
Published: 17.04.16, 17:29
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1. Another PR hack job by Ben-Dror Yemini
split ,...   (04.19.16)
This what you call a 'terrorist' it's your invention because the Brits called him a Taliban soldier, an Afghan combatant, a wounded Taliban fighter an insurgent, anything but 'terrorist' ,... Also, sergeant Blackman didn't do any 'step dancing' or tried to avoid responsibility, he had the balls to say I did and explain why. One more detail this incydent happen in the heat of battle not as in your case with almost dead man surrounded by a bunch of uniformed goons ,...
2. Great article but...
Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem   (04.19.16)
"The Daily Telegraph, not exactly a right-wing newspaper" is an inaccurate statement. The telegraph is a classic conservative (small and big C) paper. It's a "broadsheet" and not a "tabloid" so slightly more highbrow that The Sun or The Daily Mail.
3. And so?
Rocky ,   Oslo, Norway   (05.07.16)
The soldier has just treated his injured friend and so terrorist moving. Did you expect him to quote Shakespeare first? Or maybe Hayim Nahcman Biyalik? 1. To be or not to be... - Go to **** Fire! 2. Ken Latsipor... - Fly to **** Fire! I hope you do understand how absurd you are, considering the fact that... the British soldiers were thousands of miles away from home... bringing new values or rather poetry with them.
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