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The defense of the minister of defense
Alex Fishman
Published: 15.04.16, 23:32
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1. Because Lunatic Left tries to create a picture of "Nation in
Chaos" it just ain't so and we, the sane majority know it. So spare us these sensationalist headlines, thank you!
2. idf procedures should be followed except
viola   (04.25.16)
idf procedures should be followed as you cannot have rogue idf acting like sheiks dispensing justice. on the other hand, saving lives sometimes requires using dirty methods, no apologies to yaalon, for example on the bus, if a soldier kicks the bomber in the groin and chokes him, that is ok if it will save lives. yaalon, a good soldier, made a huge error attaching himself to bibi, whose record of achievement does not amount to much and who does not understand at all what going on the offense means-zero. instead he reacts wholly defensively and then offers herzog concessions pleading for international recognition of this or that which gets nothing.yaalon had hs chance on gaza and did not do much. the game is almost up for him.
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