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Anti-Semitism on the rise in the Netherlands
Tal Barkai
Published: 19.04.16, 17:45
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1. it will become worse due to lots of immigrants
Berk ,   Amsterdam   (04.19.16)
the Dutch government is betraying its people by allowing entry to lots and lots of refugees from backward, anti-western countries. The government does not realize most of these refugees will never be able to adopt western values. But jews should not run away for this.
2. Antisemitism was never down
Ezekial Haim ,   London   (04.19.16)
It was only hidden and cladestine amongst the hypocritical racist populations of Europe.
3. Anti Semitism in Holland
freddy.hollander ,   amsterdam, Holland   (04.19.16)
Anti semitism, in the shape of being critical of Israel is on the rise. Mainly by the muslim population and the politically correct left. But to paint a picture that Jews are "under attack" is a gross exaggeration. Incidents , yes like all over the world but persecutions, nonsense. We have to be vigilant but I ahve to be vigilant too walking around Jerushalaim. Which I do with great please, as I do in Amsterdam. Just not in all areas in Amsterdam. Same as in Jerushalaim.
4. Anti Semitism on the rise in Holland?
tiki ,   belgium   (04.19.16)
Jew hate was never down....only hidden! Now with all the new Dutch citizens from the ME it's allowed & 'civilized to be a Jew hater again only today it's called "Human Rights". Ask any Dutch person and he will tell you that he has many Jewish friends, but that he's only against the government of Israel harming Palestinian children and stealing their land. The Dutch are not anti Semites, for they love their Muslim Semites. They are just Jew haters always were, always will be, just look at their history!
5. Who, Dutch or islamists of moroccan descent?
Avi L.   (04.22.16)
Who is attacking Jews, Dutch or islamists of morocan descent? The same ones who killed Theo Van Gogh? They should ask Dutch people to put mezuzot to every door, as a sign of solidarity and to confuse islamists.
6. Nuu, need more "hints" that European soil is once again ripe
for the seed of Jew-hate to grow into a murderous, flesh-eating plant yet one more time? Get the proverbial f... out of there while you can and while the value of your property resembles anything you can build a new future with.
7. The actual numbers
Elisabeth ,   Amsterdam   (04.26.16)
According to the Nieuw Israelitisch Weekblad: In a 2016 Europe-wide survey, despite worries about anti-semitism 22 percent of Jews said they feel 'very safe' in their own country, 63 percent feels 'safe'. Only 9 percent of Jews said they feel 'not so safe' and 5 percent feels 'really unsafe'. ("Ondanks die zorg over antisemitisme voelt 22 procent van de ondervraagden zich héél veilig in eigen land en 63 procent ‘gewoon’ veilig. Slechts 9 procent voelt zich niet zo veilig en 5 procent echt onveilig.")
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