US: Golan Heights are not part of Israel
Reuters, Ynetnews
Published: 19.04.16, 09:36
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1. Prepared to try till the last Israeli
MadDad ,   Johannesburg RSA   (04.19.16)
The current USA Democratic administration is prepared to make sacrifices in an effort to get the parties to the negotiating table even if the Arabs will compromise on anything, right down to the last Israeli. It doesn't matter how many Jews get blown-up, stabbed, rammed or have their throats cut. It doesn't matter how many rockets are launched or tunnels are built to attack and kidnap Jews - Bidden and his JStreet cohorts are ready to take a gamble, that the Arabs are ready to make the peace they haven't wanted to for the last 100 years.
2. the two state "solution".
tiki ,   belgium   (04.19.16)
Is a fact. It has been since 1967. The conflict was between Israel & Jordan which at the time occupied Judea & Samaria and was freed by Israel. The negotiations therefore should be between these two countries about a solution for this area. It's not that difficult but the first step must be stopping the lies about 'the virtual land called Palestine which was stolen by the Jews". We all know that Jordan wants a 'Palestine' at it's doorstep as much as Israel wants it!
3. My perfect answer to Biden's frustration at Israel
barbara ,   Haifa   (04.19.16)
For every terrorist attack, Israel takes Palestinian land as punishment. Wow, they owe us more land.
4. Oh, wait, another thought came to me =
barbara ,   Haifa   (04.19.16)
Americans, as pioneers and new immigrants, fought and took over all the lands of the Indians. I guess that's okay, as today we have the United States. What a bunch of hypocrites !!!
Robert ,   Israel   (04.19.16)
How easy it is for American polititians to dictate what is god and what is bad, or what should be done or not, in the neighbour's yard. They themselves are overwhelmed with all kinds of internal problems in their own backyard and they don't even know how to cope with them . If they really had the master key for how things should be done, the US would have been Paradise by now.
6. Who listens to this idiot
Shalom ,   Ashdod   (04.19.16)
Joe just shut up
7. Biden
Hecpa ,   Rio, Brazil   (04.19.16)
Dear Joe, let's make a deal: let me know when you return Nevada, California, Florida, Texas to Mexico. Just to mention a few. Or…. those are anglo-saxon names? Or …"in the eye of the beholder….".
8. US Jews unanimously support retention of the Golan by Israel
Rafi ,   US   (04.19.16)
Both left & right of Amer Jewish community agree on this. State Dept is pathetic: Syria is literally falling apart and all DOS can come up with is that Israel cannot retain the Golan - which hasn't been administered by Syria for almost 50 years! Golan is critical to Israel security and the war against ISIS. What sort of bird-brain would come up with these pronouncements?
9. Joe, if Golan is not part of Israel then
Alex ,   New York, US   (04.19.16)
Texas, California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Hawaii are not part of the US!
10. Fool and Idiot !.
Arn.Sweden.   (04.19.16)
If Israel loses control of the Westbank and the Jordan River, Gog and Magog has no obstackle to invade Israel. So much for your understanding Israels Security. Arn.Sweden.
11. J-Street is a facade for the anti-Israel left
Shep ,   Memphis, TN - USA   (04.19.16)
J-Street is THE manifistation of the Democratic party's line toward's Israel. J-Street make no effort to be bi-partisan like AIPAC, which allows their message to be clear and strong to Israel's detriment. I can't stand J-Street and all it stands for, but you have to give them credit for creating the illusion that American Jews support Obama's anti-Israel approach. There-in lies why AIPAC has lost most of the inititives it has promoted in Congress AND has demonstrated weakness: AIPAC refuses to confront Obama's Israel agenda head-on. Call him out on it. Raise the bar on confrontation, because this President is raising the bar on Israel to give up land that provides it strategic depth and CAN'T EVER BE FORCED to give away. I am a AIPAC CLUB member and I have never been so disheartened by the AIPAC leadership in my lifetime.
12. We have some good ideas...
Beary White ,   Norway   (04.19.16)
For every muslim terror-attacks on Israel, start with taking 1 sq. kilometer, next terror-attack=2, the third attack=4, forth, and so on. Make it double for evert terror-attack... And as for now, the muslims has paid with minimum; the Golan Heights.
13. @ 3
Tel Aviv Tom ,   USA   (04.19.16)
The problem with Bibi he doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut. He didn't have to pour fuel on the fire at this point. The Golan heights is a stable region of Israel, however that could change in a second considering whats happening in Syria and if that changes you know who ultimately pays the bill. The world doesn't recognize the annexation of the Golan Heights and no US administration has either., so Bibi's mouth fart has led to a reaction, so blame Bibi the beggar for this controversy. The US government and the average American don't give a crap about the Golan Heights, so he should shut his pie hole and let it stay that way.
14. biden, kerry and obama
mel   (04.19.16)
you know zilch about defensible borders, the67 war, and ancient history-nothing. golan is part of israel and nothing you do short of invading israel will change that. bibi shrinks from calling y our john kirby who speaks for kerry-an imbecile. if there is no golan, there is no israel period. kerry, stay the hell away from israel in your last 9 months, as for leberman, he is 100% correct about netanyau who is 100% coward who is clueless on what to do.
15. Yes there will be a one-state solution for Jews...
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (04.19.16)
...from the river to the sea, which happens to be our historical ancestral homeland in which we have lived for 4000 years. We Jews have lived for thousands of years in Israel long long before Europeans, Russians, Arabs, Muslims or Americans even existed. And we also have legal rights to claim Cis-Jordan (including Golan Heights) and Trans-Jordan according not only to history but also according to international law - the San Remo treaty and the Anglo-American treaty -both legally binding treaties recognized by international law - ignored for political reasons by the "world community". Just like the Spaniards and the Portuguese have zero rights to claim Native American land in Latin America, just like Nazi Germany had zero rights to claim Poland and USSR, and just like the British and European empires had zero rights to claim India and Africa, non-Jews, Arabs and Muslims have zero rights to claim Israel. As far as demographics is concerned, Jewish demographics is going up while Arab demographics in Israel is declining. Time and demographics both favor Israel. And by the way, the "demographics argument" is merely Biden's excuse to violate Israel's existence, independence and territorial integrity. Biden couldn't care less about demographics. Golan will remain in Israel's hands for all eternity. There is nothing more to discuss. The Arabs of Israel will eventually be deported from Israel.
16. Israel and Golan Heights
Kamwine Moses ,   Kampala Uganda   (04.19.16)
If US is saying that the Golan Heights are not Israel's then the US Miltarily should fully withdraw and leave Japanese territories, korean peninsula, the Baltics, Afhaganistan,Syria, Iran and the Horn of Africa because these teritories are not yours are people there are tired of you. The US bought Guantamo Bay with mere money but Israel bought Golan Heights with the blood of his children. The Heights belongs to Israel as long as the World lives. Thanks long live Jerusalem long live Israel long live The Prime Minister. Long live The great nation Uganda
17. " 'territories are not part of Israel,'"
A ,   Belgium   (04.19.16)
and Texas, California, New Mexico, Nevada and Arizona are not part of the United States, as they are occupied Mexican territories conquered in war. Americans are the leaders in hypocrisy.
18. There is only one binational state
Harri ,   EU   (04.19.16)
Forget the two state solution. Lets have new elections and share the power equally between Jews and Arabs. Abbas and Netanyahu could easily make new government, unless Netanyahu prefers Hamas as a coalition partner.
19. Three state reality
lunch timer ,   berlin   (04.19.16)
Two state solution? There will only be a three state solution. Every negotiation in the name of a two state solution is a theater for abbas to hide that the part he represents is not the palastine he is negoatiating for.... and israel is not the parliament to talk simultaneously with abbas AND hamas that are not able to talk together to get a one palastinian state position. help me, am i stupid or the world?
20. US does not have the authority to determine borders
C   (04.19.16)
neither the united states, nor any other international actor, has the legal authority to determine the borders of sovereign states. furthermore, the borders of most arab states were illegally determined by france and great britain. the entire area of syria, lebanon, jordan, present israel, cisjordan, gaza, were part of the ottoman empire for five hundred years until the ottomans were defeated during wwi.
21. Obama wants to reduce Israel to a little rump state
C   (04.19.16)
obama's stated goal is to reduce israel to a little rump state, a shmate state, indefencible militarily and unviable economically. obama's goal will be defeated. the sovereign jewish state of israel will not accept dictates from a failed president whose hostility toward the jewish state is unprecedented.
22. above
moishe   (04.19.16)
possession is not only 9/10 of law but so if you can back it up with might....despite what others say. so what is Obama/ USA going to do? nothing. PR for Arab crowd. cant blame Israel for no return. Syria in no condition to seize either. blah!
23. Dump the loathsome Democrats NOW!
Chaim ,   Israel   (04.19.16)
The time is long overdue for everyone who loves both Israel and America, to dump the loathsome Democrats. The Democrats have nothing of value to offer anyone. The two leading Democrat candidates are totally unaccomplished political hacks...or much worse.
24. Israel isn't scared of leftist fear mongering!
Chaim ,   Israel   (04.19.16)
Biden is relying on long discredited "Palestinian" propaganda. There is a One State Solution. This land belongs to the Jewish people forever. Moreover, demography is entirely in on Israel's side. Credible Israeli and American studies prove Jews are a growing majority in Israel, including Judea and Samaria. In fact, Judea and Samaria Jews have one of the highest birthrates in the Western World.
25. Golan Heights
Joe Charlaff ,   Israel   (04.19.16)
Joe Biden and the State dept can go to hell. The Golan Heights is and always will be an integral part of the State of Israel. Giving back the Golan now would be suicide for Israel. Who would we give it back to - ISIS? Syria had its chance and blew it.
26. another failed white guy trying to draw maps. failed track r
ralph   (04.19.16)
27. smooth out, kids
Cameron ,   USA   (04.19.16)
Given the absolute basket case collapse of Syria, no US administration in the near future is going to seriously press on you to toss that bit of turf back to Damascus. Just Biden yammering. He'll be following his master out the door soon enough.
28. the constraints of reality, #15
Cameron ,   USA   (04.19.16)
Trying to recreate the boundaries of the Israel of antiquity is fantasy. The ultimate fate of the Golan is yet to be written, but other portions, like most of the West Bank, are an eventual, inevitable write-off.
29. #18. EU is already binational and is rapidly becoming Muslim
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (04.19.16)
David Goldberger ,   cooper city,florida   (04.19.16)
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