UNESCO Director distances herself from Temple Mount decision
Yoav Karni
Published: 20.04.16, 19:25
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1. Truly puzzled
Mr. Flim Flam ,   rosh pina, israel   (04.20.16)
What i puzzling is why Israel remains in the UN just to take the abuse.. A country with self respect would tell them to go pound sand.. toss out the arabs.. along with the UN soldiers.. and declare the land of Israel, the temple mount belongs.. the Jews.. nothing to be ashamed of
2. What exactly is his job-description?????!!!!!
3. UNESCO director is useless
Rena ,   Israel   (04.20.16)
If the director of UNESCO has no control over the organization's activities, then, as a candidate for the position of the highest position of the UN, how could she ever hold sway over the entire UN? Also, Ynet says that it has control over racist slurs, and yet, the comments of this article are full of hateful and anti-Semitic language.
4. UNESCO and antisemitism
Michael Bar-Dov ,   Ashkelon Israel   (04.23.16)
If Irena Bokova is sincere, she should fire all the relevant management workers who are clearly antisemites. The problem is that if all the antisemites in UNESCO were. to be fired, there would hardly be any workers left. But not to worry. UNESCO will eventually assume its rightful place - the garbage heap of history.
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