Netanyahu tells Putin: The Golan is a red line for Israel
Published: 21.04.16, 16:26
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1. Golan
ian ,   England   (04.21.16)
The following news amazes me The US Supreme Court is allowing the families of victims of a 1983 bombing in Beirut and other terror attacks to collect nearly $2bn (£1.4bn) in frozen Iranian assets. Surely that is theft, that money belongs to Iran as much as they say the Golan belongs to Syria .. Israel captured the Golan after being attacked on all fronts .. I you play the Lotto and lose you do not get your money back .
2. re the Golan
marty ,   toronto canada   (04.21.16)
Maybe the EU and the US should spend some time obsessing about the Turkish occupation of Northern Cyprus or the Chinese occupation of Tibet for a while and stay out of Israeli affairs.
3. #1, Three cheers for Ian.
Gabe ,   Canada   (04.21.16)
4. red lines
willy ,   us   (04.21.16)
hopefully, this "red line" will stick. We have all seen what has happened in Sinai.......Russia, the US, and the EU should work a bit on cleaning up their own houses.
5. What does the U.S. have to do with the Golan? Who are they?
Jake ,   USA   (04.21.16)
Can someone please explain how a foreign imperial country, based 6000 miles away, has any right to delineate the Israeli-Syrian border? History and current Demography decide borders. People who live on the land, inherit the land. The current generation of Israelis are 3rd generation natives. The Arabs have lost their bid to prevent and/or destroy Israel. Its game over. The Arabs must relinquish their claims to Israeli territories and make peace with the Jewish State.
6. bibi is like neville chamberlain
edgar   (04.21.16)
what a naive simpleton is bibi just like neville chamberlain. what misfit parents raised bibi or herzog who take things on face value. putin plays bibi like a string instrument with bragging how good the meeting was. putin would sell anyone out in a second but bibi who shakes in his booots with fear brags about a good meeting with putin. as if he needs reassurance from big brohter cause on his own, like herzog, and lapid he is scared stiff. and that goes for half of likud who are weaklings like bibi. judge the putin meeting by what happens next door to israel and not what happenede in the meeting. ribbontrop also had a good meeting with the russians after which the nazis invaded russian and slaughtered a lot of people. too many israelis leaders have been running scared which harms israeli deterrence.
7. Putin should not meddle in Israel's affairs
C   (04.21.16)
putin should keep in mind that he is collaborating with assad in the genocide of syrian civilians. putin is propping up a horrific regime, a regime that will eventually fall. nor should putin trust obama who is an incompetent narcissist basking in his own vainglory. the golan will remain an integral part of the sovereign jewish state of israel. israel does not tell putin to relinquish the recently annexed crimea. israel does not meddle in russia's affairs.
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