Netanyahu, Putin met amid reports of aerial incidents over Syria
Yoav Zitun, Reuters
Published: 22.04.16, 14:02
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1. don't worry
observer ,   Egypt   (04.22.16)
Egypt is going to get MIG29s to protect Israel
2. Incidents leak is a smoke screen to leave Obama in the dark
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (04.22.16)
3. Yo Vlad: it's simple. We let you play in our yard & you keep
your mouth shut and don't even dare to look in the direction of our planes when they do what has to be done. Ponyial? Now bring out your best vodka & let's have a "na zdarovye"!
4. Putin cannot be trusted
C   (04.22.16)
all putin cares about is expanding the russian empire, including in syria. putin does not hate jews or israel, but he is an ultranationalist who wants to assert russian rights in syria and elsewhere that putin considers his by right or necessity. hence, putin should understand that israel, too, has strong red lines which putin must respect. it would be catastrophic if tensions between israel and russia would by accident blow up. israel for now has no intention to interfere in the syrian genocide. what israel wants is to stop the transfer of advanced weapons from syria to iran's terror proxy hezbollah. furthermore, israel wants to prevent the opening of a new syrian-iranian-hezbollah front on the golan. it is not in putin's interest to ignite a regional war in the middle east.
5. Russian jets buzz US naval forces with impunity. Now this?
David ,   Hartford USA   (04.22.16)
Putin is just seeing how far he can go before he gets his hand slapped- by Russian jets being shot down. I think Israeli fighters can play this game as well. One mistake by the Russians and Israel would shoot every Russian plane out of the sky in minutes- and Putin knows this.
6. yaalon and eisencott dead wrong on area a
manny   (04.22.16)
recall sharon relied on christian phalangists to manage plo camp in lebanon and that did not work out. previously, bibi who is a lousy military man had arab policement shooting on idf and citizens in jeruslame as they cannot be trusted save a few. the same will happen if israel relinquishes area A in terms of control and entry.plo policement are no different from terrorists which has been proven time and time agaiun. arabs would relax somewhat if israel annexed judea and samaria and booted our or removed the from its land. right now they are uncertain is it israel or palestine or what. the current arrangement is the best it could be until the west bank is totally israeli. this willn ot happen under bibi who is scared stiff and makes all kinds of concessions and has no confidence in himself. the only ones who had some confidence, were begin, shamir and sharon. the rest worried and fretted endlessly. when bibi was afraid to fire livni face to face, then you know the hole story. never again does not have guarantees. it could happen again. but never again should mean that israel also destroys the enemey with it and takes it down fighting, not the begging approach of bibi and livni runnning around ... pleasse save we poor jews.
7. Yo Putin Bibi isn't as passive as obama,
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (04.22.16)
one false move and one less Russian jet.
8. Putin told Bibi
Carla ,   NYC   (04.23.16)
Putin told Netanyahu he will no longer be allowed to violate Syrian airspace.
9. Putin is a thug who thrives on provocations
Avi L.   (04.24.16)
Putin is a thug who thrives on provocations daring the other side to cross the line. Until now only sultan Erdo gave him a shove, Putin found its match in another proto dictator who kill opponents and journalists when it needs. Putin in Syria is no good at all.
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