Israel issues tender for new international airport
Meir Turjeman
Published: 22.04.16, 16:02
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1. BEST NEW INT'L AIRPORT LOCATION! GAZA! and out in the water
Jewish Atheist ,   America is beautiful   (04.22.16)
make an INT'L Island in Gaza waters and keep the airport tight fisted but secured...inspect everything in and out...from pencils to giant jet engines, designed that way from square one. Then high speed, high above ground Chinese style maglev track trains... 268 mph. like Bejing. Will re-start the Gaza economy, make Gaza something other than a haven for hamass deadbeats and the areas' garbage dump and lifestyles of living in an open sewer. The airport is owned and managed by an INT'L company, not Hamass. A no weapons area, no exceptions. Police use same knock-out injection rifles/guns as zoo's do. The airport is designed for safety and protection of passengers with a fast in and out.
2. Ilan Ramon Airport
For a country of 8 million they don't need three International airports. Ilan Ramon should take off some of the pressure as well. Ben Gurion is also expanding and has lots of extra land still to fill in. If Heathrow handles 60 million with two runways, sure Ben Gurion can handle less with three runways.
Edy Burak ,   miami , usa   (04.22.16)
nos space available , we will need to have a new one but in a artificial island....
4. Should never have given away south lebanon
Greg ,   Usa   (04.23.16)
5. Numerous options
Dan ,   Kfar Saba   (04.23.16)
1) Between Palmachim and Yavneh. Transportation is ready. The landing and takeoff are over the sea, and additional land can be reclaimed from the sea. 2) Near Eilat - but no transportation to the center of the country (and north). 3) Someplace is the valley near Afula. The new rail link should provide transportation, and there are numerous roads.
6.  Ilan Ramon new airport
Cindy ,   TA Israel   (04.23.16)
What about the Ilan Ramon new airport that are building in Beer Ora, Arava?? Will be open next year and IS international! I dont understand this Ynet article...can someone explain it to me?
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