White House says it will offer largest military package in US history
Ynetnews, Reuters
Published: 26.04.16, 13:29
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1. This news should annoy pal supporters
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (04.26.16)
but then they are easily annoyed that comes with the terror that signifies their loser status. KEEP BUILDING !!!
IRANIAN JEW ,   LA USA   (04.26.16)
We sell you weapons and act like we have you a large hand out which I reality is just a huge credit against buying the guns that they charge back in millions in interest. What a show these idiots throw around. And then other countries order the same weapon since they must buy to compete with Israel. Wow!
3. Saudi Arabia syndrome
Avram Goldsmith ,   Concord   (04.26.16)
Seems that Mr. Obama wasn't so willing for increased military assistance, but due to last developments special Saudi Arabia new approach to USA , no to much choices to Mr. Obama!!!! Avi
4. Biggest welfare state
Jason ,   Usa   (04.26.16)
The biggest welfare state in the World. Congratulations Israel!
5. There's another threat o Israel
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (04.26.16)
Hamas is organizing with another terror group in hopes of a successful attack on Israel. Israel, KEEP THE FAITH !! We serve a mighty G-d in a little nation.
6. @ 2 & 3
Tel Aviv Tom ,   USA   (04.26.16)
You just can't say thank you. We could just say screw you and give the aid to the US military and charge you for our VETO and other priceless diplomatic protection. We owe you nothing for nothing remember that. Nobody is stopping you from going to war with Iran.
7. # 6 Tom, that's telling 'em.. Love it!
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (04.26.16)
Seems most Iranians love the status quo rather than liberty. Notice how few are willing to fight except perhaps ISIS??? And, isn't ISIS another arm of Iran?
8. # 4 Jason 80% of US $$ goes to us defense workers
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (04.26.16)
but, I know, you'd prefer ISIS or their boss, Iran... right? Or, the Saudi's whose new King has Alzheimers ? Your welcome Israel saves the world again at bargain prices. ( while your side offers up hapless suicide pal teens.)
9. How much weaponry & coin will suffice?
Cameron ,   USA   (04.26.16)
10. Largest military packag to Israel in history
Dr.Joji Cherian ,   India   (04.27.16)
All the while US going into bankruptcy and there by becoming part of history, past
11. 9 Cameron
C   (04.27.16)
the relationship between israel and the united states is based on mutuality. israel is at the very forefront of the fight against islamc terror. just by her existence and military deterrence, israel stands between europe and the islamists. furthermore, israel helps the us with intelligence, electronic warfare and other advanced technologies. israel took out saddam's nuclear reactor and also assad's nuclear reactor. this was done without causing any civilian casualties. just imagine what would happen today if either saddam or assad had nuclear weapons. yet, still today, american intelligence fears nuclear weapons the most. iran was gifted a legitimised nuclear weapons program by obama. getting american military aid is the least we can expect in return.
12. everything comes at a price, C
Cameron ,   USA   (04.27.16)
You & yours slide yet deeper into the US pocket. You know what that means in terms of independent, free-range action and agenda in the years ahead.
13. 12 Cameron
C   (04.27.16)
one gets the impression that you did not read my post, or you did not understand it.
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