German-Israel military cooperation despite political kerfuffle
Yoav Zitun & Eldad Beck
Published: 01.05.16, 11:01
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1. Germany & Israel must never forget what they fight for
C   (05.01.16)
this strategic alliance between traumatised peoples serves the fight to save the very best in western civilisation. among the best in western civilisation is the book of exodus which sets forth the laws of moses, the fundation for courts of law and western legal systems. we cannot allow savages to wipe out christian, yazidi and moderate musllim minorities. we cannot allow the islamic state to threaten peaceful muslims or jews in their homelannd. nor can we allow iran to continue to threaten the sovereign jewish state with annihilation. it is absolutely imperative that the relationship between germany and israel not be taken hostage by groups pushing their own agendas. it is high time for the muslims to clean house and stop their jihad against the west and against the jewish state of israel. they must stop their martyrdom operations and start nation building.
2. They dare not to upset our People: they fear we could send
millions of "Milky-refuges" to the German shores....and then they'd be REALLY kaput!!
3. #1:Oh boy, haven't we got carried away a bit? "Moderate",
"peaceful" Islam? Where does that animal live, I'd like to see it, just once? I think you confuse passive Jihad with active one. Make no mistake: the alleged "peaceful moderates" should count hundreds of millions, yet they somehow are silent beyond detection even by sophisticated instruments! Unfortunately there's no real "common fight" when it comes to us Jews and the rest of so called Humanity, be they Germans or Japanese....
4. 3 Ii knew I would get a post like this from you
C   (05.01.16)
this specific post was written for specific reasons. i do it my way, and my way usually is effective.
5. #4:From "me" or from "somebody like that"? U know "me"?
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