House walls in Poland found to be made of Jewish headstones
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 03.05.16, 14:37
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1. How many in Arab homes in Jerusalem ?
ArabGravestoneHomes ,   Jerusalem Israel   (05.03.16)
Don't have to go to Poland ..... Most of the Arab houses and buildings of all kinds on the Mount of Olives and nearby neighborhoods of A-Tur Ras al Amud Ezaria Abu Dis Silwan are built of Jewish tombstones from the ancient cemetery there even the Hotel Seven Arches ( Intercontinental ) Money should be offered for the return of these tombstones
2. Inaccuracies
Marla Raucher Osborn ,   Warsaw, Poland   (05.03.16)
40 surviving Jewish cemeteries in Poland - you have got to be kidding. 1200 is the closer number.
3. #2 Marla Raucher Osborn - closer than you inaccurate claim
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (05.03.16)
The total number of Jewish cemeteries in Poland is 89. Try the Foundation for Documentation of Jewish Cemeteries in Poland for the details. You aren't even close
4. The wall should be bullet proof. Be thankful the tombstones
Rivkah   (05.03.16)
were preserved as a memorial. In Europe, unless a fee is paid every ten years for continued use of a grave, the ownership of the grave is transferred to someone who can pay for the site and the bones and tombstones of the previous occupants of the graves are discarded. There are vast vaults of skeletons under cities in Europe that have many underground levels. Better there than burned to ashes.
5. what do we really expect?
Larry ,   LA (formerly)   (05.03.16)
The Europeans were not too accommodating to the Jews during our long exile, so what could we expect.
6. Number of Jewish cemeteries in Poland
Sharri ,   Cracow   (05.04.16)
I wonder why the article does not even mention the fact that most if not all Jewish cemeteries in Poland lost during the war were destroyed by the German Nazis. It is a sad fact though that in many cases local Poles used the remaining matzevot for building purposes after the war, when there was no Jews left to protect them. The total number of Jewish cemeteries in Poland is around 1000. 800 of them are listed (and documented) here:
7. Incorrect information in Poland cemetery article
Ruth Ellen Gruber ,   Rome, Italy   (05.04.16)
The figures Jonny Daniels quotes in this article are incorrect. According to the most accurate inventories, at least 400 or so Jewish cemeteries in Poland still have gravestones, and the sites of about 1200-1300 cemeteries have been surveyed. The Foundation for Documentation of Jewish Cemeteries, for example, has already visited and indexed the gravestones at 90 Jewish cemeteries in Poland. Its database at contains over 100 thousand inscriptions with photographs. There are quite a few organizations and individuals working in Poland to document Jewish cemeteries, fence them, preserve them and recover stones that were removed. Please see a list of some of these at
8. The usual Shoah Memorial day Polak-witch-hunt?What's so new?
These "construction materials" are old news. When possible (without destroying the buildings) I guess they're removed & given proper treatment. Main thing: we can with clear consciousness drool over the latest models of BMW/Merc/Audi, right?
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