Lieberman, Sa'ar slam Netanyahu over Protective Edge report
Moran Azulay, Tova Tzimuki
Published: 07.05.16, 10:10
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1. time is up bibi
marv   (05.07.16)
sending out your weaklings like shteinitz who doesn't kniow when to shut up, former kadimite hanegbi, elkin, erdan, even katz who have no guts won't help. bibi did everything he could to avoid attacking hamas and when he did, he didn't know what he was doing cause he has no concept of fighting. yaalon, a capable soldier had his chance and blew it with his calm for calm embrace of bibi which stinks since hamas can fire off whenever they want. gantz-its good that he retired because he was passive and had no fight in him plus he was wrong on the no of tunnels. shapira did a good job and its not a huge revelation since by the end of the campaign, 2/3 of israelis knew that b ibi was a failed leader. where shapira went wrong was in not nailing lapid and livni who helped bibi to block lieberman and bennett, the only 2 who called for real action. iin summary, new elections are needed now since bibi like olmert won't step down on his own. yaalon should resign since we reject his calm for calm strategy. moreover, it seems that mofaz kochavi and herzh along with sharon were the prime movers and groovers of defensive shield and not yaalon. finally, herzog and shelah both supported bibi at the time so for them to attack bibi shows what hippocrites they are-herzog because he i s asnivelling coward who faints when he gives speeches and shelah, who is a big talker who is vastly overrated. no amount of wiggling and responses will help bibi survive as the public will tear him out of the pm office if he refuses to leave.
2. Of cause it wasw a Failure !.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (05.07.16)
The Ceasfires giving the enemy time to reorganize and. changing goals during the operation. Lack of bouth Tactical and Stratergic thinking. It should have been a Blitzkrieg with the aim to topple Hamas. Arn.Sweden.
3. Two things...
History nut ,   Israel   (05.07.16)
Explain the capability of a government releasing murderers. Is it arrogance that they can protect against them again after the first failure. Explain how troops are sent into imminent danger in inferior transports when superior ones are available and the troops are killed. Yes they are incompetent and blood is on their hands for both.
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